Alien Jokes For Aliens Folks

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I love a good joke do you? Lmfao DMR

Majestic 12 Everyday “alien jokes for alien folks lmfao 🤣 “! ☠️🤙🫵👽🛸🏁
Majestic 12 In 1988, two FBI offices received similar versions of a memo titled “Operation Majestic-12…” claiming to be highly classified government document. The memo appeared to be a briefing for newly-elected President Eisenhower on a secret committee created to exploit a recovery of an extra-terrestrial aircraft and cover-up this work from public examination. An Air Force investigation determined the document to be a fake.

Do you believe in 👽🛸🫵☠️😎🆙 lmfao

I’m asking you

FunFacts #deltafarce 1979 18months older lmfao counter terrorism unit or facility security the secret service protects the bigdogs What does the Green Beret do?
The Army’s Special Forces soldiers known as “Green Berets” are military legends for service members and civilians alike. They take on terrorists through quiet, guerilla war-style missions in foreign countries. Green Beret teams operate in any environment, from city fighting to jungle warfare to desert scouting.

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blackopszombies #dolcebase #James Bishop saucers spooks and spoofs #ageofaquarius science fiction is cool 😎

ufosightings #ufology wild stories about aliens and underground bases lmfao 😂 what do you believe is there one down there? I don’t know… are aliens real? I don’t know? What’s a #UAG I don’t know lmfao 😂 have you ever seen a UFO lmfao I don’t know… are #mermaids real? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ what are you up to? Lmfao I don’t know just bored posting random shit lmfao 😂

What’s this all about? I don’t know 🤷

playtime ? Nope coffee time! #AlienCoffeeShops #BlackOpsCoffeeShops #StopSayingSurf #Surfman hahahaha

What do you put in your coffee? I think she should stay married lmfao 😂 I think my kids miss me lmfao 😂 I miss them

Hey do you like the Women of Law Enforcement what about US Border Patrol I like the US Border Patrol RGV Sector Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Baypoint Apartments Welcome To Corpus Christi Drug Enforcement Administration Rigs & Reef Classic Family U.S. Coast Guard Academy URT Clothing Jersey Mike’s Subs Dos Equis El Jalisco Grill U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Crocs

Use code lizardPeople lmfao for a special discount hahahahahhaha #Majestic12 #pushups do lots of them walk? Everyday “alien jokes for alien folks lmfao 🤣 “! ☠️🤙🫵👽🛸🏁


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