Past Present Future OPS

We have exclusive footage of the culprit who hid the eggs.

You never know what you’ll spot at a national wildlife refuge. You should hop on over and visit one soon:

Photo of a marsh rabbit at Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge by Clayton Vance (sharetheexperience).

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service I actually spent two years working with them before 20 years working with them 🤙🏁🇺🇸🔥☠️⚖️🙏🏾🌎⭐️ 👽🛸💙 #USFWS we did fish game bird rescue research survey work and enforcement work. Fun Fact #CriminalJusticeOne #CriminalJusticeTwo

I was advanced trained before I even joined the U.S. Coast Guard no joke! 1992-1998

Then #Surfman374 #FLEO #PortSecurity #SearchAndRescue #OrderOnTheBorder #Alaska #Oregon #Washington #Texas #USMEX #CentralAmerica #SouthAmerica #GulfOfMexico #carribbeanlife lmfao 😂 #pacificocean #pacificnorthwest #BeringSeaGold #47mlbsurfman #52mlbsurfman #Tactical #Pursuit #OregonStatePoliceAcademy #MilitaryLawEnforcementAcademy academically speaking I knew what I was doing, know what I’m doing, and know what it’s all about #ProjectTexas

🤫 😂 🤪 some of us doing crazy thing for #NationalSecurity I say end SexSlavery because I have 3 beautiful daughters and a son! Love y’all Gator-Gripp Rack System Corpus Christi, Texas Spearfishing Talk Women of Law Enforcement US Border Patrol RGV Sector Nueces County Veterans Treatment Court Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Welcome To Corpus Christi Drug Enforcement Administration Ojos Locos Corpus Christi Rigs & Reef Classic Family U.S. Coast Guard Academy Corpus Christi Hooks URT Clothing Department of Homeland Security Jersey Mike’s Subs (1813 Ennis Joslin,Suite 101,Corpus Christi,TX) El Jalisco Grill Flock Bar “you can’t handle the truth can ya” lmfao 😂

Surfman374 #CHAOS “Chief Has Arrived OnScene”, you should be careful what you post you might end up on the “WatchList”! Thanks to 911 we’re all on the WatchList emails, cell phones, Apple Watches iPhones amazonPods. Pucks towers but hey I speak the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth so help me GOD amen … then ya don’t have to worry about what ya said posted text or emailed lmfao who’s watching? I don’t care , because I don’t dare threaten women or children City state or nation! And God Bless our Leadership BTW just say’n I know the truth it’s my revelation not yours lmfao 🤣


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