I know what I love!

Without family nothing matters… I would post this if family wasn’t the most important this in earth to me! I’m just a man who wants his wife and kids back… trust me that miscarriage fucked me up, getting sober was hell, trusting GOD is all I have left. Because real life is worth fighting for! So is real love! ❤️ you either stand for something or fall for it all… but hey who cares what I feel, what I love, what I believe in…. Because I would take you back in a soul second Niccole Ramsey because I love you! I ain’t got no beef with you your family or friends! Or mine true one s for that matter! (I might joke, might post shit ya don’t like) but I’m sober believe in GOD, Family, and Community! All I know is my phone never rings, and I ain’t seen my kids in years and love and miss my exwife!

So if you got beef with me call me, or come visit me and talk! Because I’m over it! I’ve lost my wife, my kids, everything I built for our future! Trust me! I love her! I love you Niccole Ramsey always have always will!

“And I don’t care I will tell the whole world I love ya till the day I die”! So Ashley Niccole Ramsey trust me I love ya ❤️🙏🏾🤙 always have always will! Till death do I part 🏁☠️⚓️

Because that’s the only Fucken thing I care about! #family fuck everything else so go ahead and hate me because I still believe in love and loyalty! Love ya Niccole Ramsey

I don’t give a flying fuck about Gator-Gripp Rack System Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk Salty Soul Taxidermy Spearfishing Talk

GOD and living! And seeing my damn kids one day! Because I am not the man I was I am the man I am! I owe me this, you this! And them this! Because that’s all that matters…. Might take a #Miracle but I believe in GOD so if it’s GODS plan it will work because God knows what I love ❤️ and that’s YOU Ashley , am I sorry for the past? Fuck yeah I am but who I am is better what we can be would be better… but this is just my opinion Atleast I care enough to stand up for what I believe in! That’s Family #NeverGiveUp on Family

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