Being a Digital Artist “Creator” Cost me Everything lmfao

ART is like #FreedomOfPress without #FreedomOfSpeach Press wouldn’t be ART

Without GOOD, Evil wouldn’t Exist! Without LIGHT darkness wouldn’t Exist! Without Earth Wind Water Fire (Sun) #Moon #STARS the #Heavens wouldn’t be real #AlphaAndOmego to me is #infinity and Beyond beyond Science Beyond Alchemy Beyond the First Man & Woman! Without Modern Science My Youngest Daughter Wouldn’t be real, Niccole Ramsey wouldn’t have survived her #miscarriage I wouldn’t be walking! Without #pharmacist I wouldn’t have been as prescribed without #MentalHealth I wouldn’t be this Sober without #acupuncture I would’ve failed in 2019 without plants pills wouldn’t be real! Without water we wouldn’t be 70% Liquid without Flesh we wouldn’t be 30% Matter without the Moon the Oceans wouldn’t have Tides without flow water wouldn’t return to the sea. Without the Sun we wouldn’t have rain! Without family we wouldn’t be alive! #PoetryOfAHero without #TheOrder #TheChaos wouldn’t exist without #TheWeb this post wouldn’t be created without #TheSystem I wouldn’t have made the corrections I have! Without becoming more #Sober I certainly would have never been able to create what I have! It’s about #Balance IMO it’s about #moderation (Not #SocialMedia Censorship moderation) because that’s a violation of Texas Law! BTW all App’s were created to teach the WEB so AI could learn more! So I choose to update my WEBSpace with Knowledge based Wisdom! facts and stuff just like the news we watch! Who ever you vote for is your choice! But humanity and rights that’s the Universal Laws and Man’s Laws one we created! One the Universal Powers Control! #Creator #Watcher or #influencer #Man or #Woman alive or Dead Good Or Bad! Tag who ya love and get liven y’all 🤙🏁⚖️🤦‍♂️🇺🇸 this is America “Land Of The Free”, Home Of The Brave! Gator-Gripp Rack System U.S. Coast Guard Corpus Christi, Texas Spearfishing Talk Mayra Flores US Border Patrol Women of Law Enforcement US Border Patrol RGV Sector Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Swamp People Baypoint Apartments Quick Quack Car Wash Pursuit Channel “We Deliver The Outdoors” Andy’s Kitchen Ojos Locos Corpus Christi Instagram Kentucky Derby Welcome To Corpus Christi Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe David Ramsey happy birthday Ashley Springer love ya Judi Rutland Jo-Ellen Hough-Oakes Emily Goyette Delicia Rutland Miller Brody James Oakes Mark Olsen Stin Ramsey Ryan Rutland Farrah Wilson Olsen Michelle Dolly Marie Maggie Hudson Freeborn Jesse Duff Malcolm Cameron Lochiel Jana Marie Leahy Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe if I ever get lucky enough to get a home maybe Gino Montalvo will pay for it lmfao 😂 hahahahahA #lawenforcement #intelligence #ai #love #like #people #instagram #water #science #law


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