Easter 2023

@uscg Still the best decision ever GOD bless ya brothers and sisters LOVE fAm #CoastieFam #Surfman374 U.S. Coast Guard #activeduty #ReservistReadyToServe #Veterans #militaryfamilies #ReserveFamilies #VeteranFamilies the worst was missing holidays the best was knowing america 🇺🇸 loved us “trust me y’all it wasn’t easy” I ain’t seen my moms side since 1992, my dads side since 1998 lmfao still ain’t seen Kenzie since 2019, austin since 2020, addy since 2021, hadley but 1hr since March 2022… SUCKS but oh well that’s why I say #ThrowEggsAtTheDevil #confettieggs lmfao 🤣 because the devil done fucked up playing with #UncleSam wanna ninja kick that fucktards horns off right now! Oh yeah and fuck Gator-Gripp Rack System

🤙🏁 but GOD Bless Corpus Christi, Texas Spearfishing Talk Mayra Flores Women of Law Enforcement US Border Patrol US Border Patrol RGV Sector Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Swamp People Baypoint Apartments Quick Quack Car Wash Pursuit Channel “We Deliver The Outdoors” Andy’s Kitchen Dos Equis Ojos Locos Corpus Christi Instagram Kentucky Derby Masters Tournament Welcome To Corpus Christi just say’n lmfao 😂 #CHAOS – “Chief Has Arrived On Scene” , #GOD “Good Order & Discipline”! #BIBLE – “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth” #DEVIL lived to deceive the ones who will go to HELL! Not Me! I’m going UP! Because I believe in JESUS been washed by the blood of Jesus! And Worship ONE GOD☠️👑🤙🏁🇺🇸⚖️☠️ @surfman374 @rigsreefclassicspearfishing


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