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Surfman374, DMR , DMRamsey CC,TX

I just wanna see my kids not via text FaceTime or phone call lmfao.

Honestly I don’t mind corpus I drop fBombs only because it’s a word in the English dictionary true story. I love police, game wardens, City, state, national leadership 🇺🇸⚖️🤙☠️

I look forward to the day it’s all behind me, Vs being constantly reminded how sober I am everyday I call this pisstest hotline. Honestly I’m glad I get to take more UA’s it’s one more way I can show those working with me, not against me I’m being honest.

In life I believe being honest with yourself , family, friends, passions, career, is worth it.

I truly do love those who protect and serve our communities and nation. And definitely love veterans and our families.

I might go ham, I might speak truth, but I do it because if as parents we don’t speak truth why tell our kids to speak truth? If we can’t be honest at home, at work, or doing what we love what’s the point? IMO but hey I’m just a guy who posts real talk. Real life struggle and real life success. Am I thankful for the past? Yes! Was it Tuff ? Yes! Am I thankful for people who helped me? YEP

I know one day I will see my kids. I just look forward to that. It’s been to long, to painful. Trust me I definitely look forward to the day I post a spearfishing trip. I post a meal pic with my kids. Here’s to being real and always doing your best. Even when it cost you everything you still owe yourself

Love y’all 🤙🏁


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