New age thoughts

NewAge concept in which the youths are also sometimes called #crystalchildren or #starchildren. They are a #newbreed of human-looking children who are partly or fully #extraterrestrial in #origin and possess #extrasensory and #psychicabilities, #deep #spiritual #connectivity, extraordinary #creativity, and high levels of #intelligence and #empathy. They may have difficulty learning in traditional school environments, experience discipline problems, and/or be miss diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They are entirely self-identified. Generally, they are said to have been born after the 1987 #HarmonicConvergence.

Indigo children are digital natives—examples of a techno-advanced intelligence that may bring to light a new formula for peaceful cooperation with emotive technologies. They are often described as the next stage in human evolution, whose purpose is to usher in a new and improved phase of our species.

indigochildren 🤔 im not a fan of the term ADD ADHD I prefer #indigo it’s why I think #GOD actually #connectsusall #universalvibe the energy is amazing in all of us. I’m definitely an #Empath #UncleSam approved this post btw. I’m definitely #sensitive to myself and others I’m what they call a #PositiveEmpath I believe in a external higher power connects my internal power if we are all special I believe we are then we are all special that’s every human I know my kids are some of the most loving I’ve ever seen I’m definitely thankful sending love and hugs 🤗 it’s a #spiritualjourney family and friends when you know you know it’s kinda like 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe lmfao 🤣 200 billion stars and 20 billion earth like planets in our Milky Way galaxy alone says Sloan digital sky survey 😉 I’m a nerd love the space but not as much as our oceans

Which is funny because we probably only mapped around 5% of our sea floor

But back to space Infinity and beyond I think the universe is eternal the never ending story?

I think this way because I spent so much time on our oceans we definitely are blessed IMO bit then again I spend most of my life looking up at the sky these days to me it’s all perspective and we are all on a journey one we should always try and enjoy and not destroy. But that’s back to that takers or givers creators watchers influencers to me I would rather be an enjoyer and enjoy them think about it. In 1 sec the earths moved 18miles but how far have we moved? But then again I’m a shooter and when you shoot long range that stuff applies it’s like a plane flying at 600mph and ya look up or down does it look like it’s going 600mph lmfao 😂 it’s like watching rockets fly to space they haul ass as well or how fast is the internet? As in when I hit send it’s available to the whole metaverse cool thoughts the more sober I became the cooler life’s become


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