Living in harmony balancing with others

The mystery of alchemy intelligence the “spirit” nourish consciousness not the intellect the divine feminine the divine masculine the immortal of higher plains

To crush the ego of the age of Pisces the new substance of the 3 minds and 5 senses intellect is the lowest form most superficial the only way to awaken is be awake here and now. The air, the mind not the ego. Is our mind used by our inner being or our ego? Aquarians driven by revolutions of Uranus air and expressing in well grounded ways. To become more balanced to think practically to be strong willed. To change spirituality internally to reflect on the collective world to be present in fellow humanity trust me it’s why I’m restless lmfao Sagittarius ♐️ it’s why I can’t wait to travel and look forward to constantly thinking outside of the box. Anyways food for thought…. From a Sag…

To learn from your opposite side. To become one you must be more balanced the heart wisdom. The soul wisdom to live more authentically and be flexible learning to channel not being a “rebel” prideful not being someone who turns against the community but flow with it. To become more grounded with the elements


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