Totally Fucked up

It’s funny #Georgia loved me, #Alaska loved me #washington loved me, #oregon loved me, #california loved me, #Easttexas loved me and when I was on #activeduty from 2011-2017 before I moved to east texas 2017-2018 #corpuschristitexas loved me. I created Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament to welcome the world and show my love for #spearfishing
I created Gator-Gripp Rack System to not loose my money or time from 2014-Date #gatorgripp #gatorgripphd and then after being defamed received death threats extorted bribed then get locked up 100 days they call it the #pullsetgrip and still don’t pay me it’s really fucked up! Specially since I’m the guy who served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard with every government agency you can think of! No shit! Not to mention I’m a #100percentdisabled #100percentcombatrelated #100percentserviceconnected trust me the US Department of Veterans Affairs and Texas Veterans Commission rock! So does the Social Security Administration but what’s fucked is Texas Parks and Wildlife why y’all on a witch hunt? You got invited to every event I ran from 2014 – 2019! In fact I ran Ops with you guys! Spearfishing Talk Spearfishing Talk my group I created should be about spearfishing not what I lost! #spearfishingtalk Salty Soul Taxidermy was literally a hobby to help me heal not for you to take all my money and send 7 game wardens in full tactical gear to my house! I’m not a poacher! And a hobby is a hobby! It’s sad! I even trained the #PortPolice from 2011-2017 so Corpus Christi Police Department y’all even screwed me! Even though Officer Barnes, and Pena where cool! To be harassed from 2018 to date is fucked up! Literally assholes accusing me of militia, capital riots, working for cartel because I owned the #saltysoulpanga no I never ran coke or humans! But hey I’m the name of #NationalSecurity ask your questions trust me 2020 was hell getting “taken” for a week! 2021 hell getting taken another week! 2022 absolutely embarrassing when I call 911, CCPD, FBI FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation because of everything I’m telling y’all right now! Literally CBD ! No not gun violence! Never pulled a gun on anyone! And yes I’m telling the truth! To get locked up because I got an eviction notice from my mother InLaw who I paid from 2015-2022 for a home I no longer live in! That fucked me up… to have your third wife say we can’t be together anymore that fucked me up! After all I went through to get sober and become me so I could enjoy my kids it rocked my world! To have my home broke into and then cry out for help and have no one come fucked me up! Trust me as a Chief I am not gonna lie! It’s all fucked up! Because it cost me everything!
To go from gold medal at whitehouse to this is fucked up! #afrasgoldmedal #altustendo

It’s totally ducked up!

That’s how I feel about everything now!

Surfman374 BMCRamsey

CC, TX 78412

Sober as fuck and totally fucked over by family friends and this city!


Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk US Department of Veterans Affairs Texas Veterans Commission U.S. Coast Guard David Ramsey Spearfishing Talk Corpus Christi, Texas FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation US Border Patrol Women of Law Enforcement Nueces County Veterans Treatment Court Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA Corpus Christi Police Department Texas Parks and Wildlife Baypoint Apartments Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Social Security Administration

I’m sober as fuck and this is straight up in humane abuse and torture totally against my #humanrights ya take my kids my money my home my life and everything I built for my family! FUCK YOU not to mention 25 years of blood tests and pisstest lmfao 😂 ask the VA y’all are fucked up not me! You lied cheated stole defamed me and totally ruined my life I don’t lie


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