To let go and flow

“In my opinion the more empty you are, the more energy you can fill yourself up with”

The become Humbled to listen to learn by trials and tribulations to absorb to trust the flow ”the secrets of who we are, are in our DNA…” 🧬 but let’s just say it’s taken me 44 years to find this empathy piety humbled trust me I wasn’t always this balanced in my past I was savage a dragon a warrior. But I had to hang that hat up. If you care about it you become it. To Care, to love, to become… Integrity Loyalty honor trust spiritual emotional psychological more humble it’s about how much I freed myself from ego and comfortable to become humble simple and excepting of the divine power. You must love. Love yourself love others love your enemies to bridge the conscious and subconscious

All I am is nothing just a channel a sign all I’ve done is allowed flow… the soul and my body micro and macro as above so below.

To become one and flow… love y’all harmony within diversity to empty your self to receive something greater than self ☠️🖤🤙💀🏁💨💧🔥🌎 humility because there’s always something greater than I am. #SailorsDisgrace the deeper you go the more the details matter to always be receptive the reception of receptors to step back and say free yourself from the ego and become simple… #poetryofahero

It’s like planting a seed it still needs earth, water, air, sun, positive energy #surfman374


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