Will you help me?

Interested in #volunteering? We need your help! Join us as we place #USFlags at each individual #veterangravesite at the #CoastalBendStateVeteransCemetery in preparation for #MemorialDay. I have attached the flyer for your review and distribution. Please share!


DavidRamsey #surfman374 #USDepartmentofVeteransAffairs #TexasVeteransCommission #USCoastGuard


veteranserviceoffice #vso

Nueces County Veterans Treatment Court





U.S. Coast Guard
David Ramsey



GatorGrippRackSystem Nueces County, TX @uscg @surfman374 #Dadlife #DMR a father stands up for what he believes in! I don’t cheat I don’t beat I love! I care about my kids, my community, and what I built! #IMissMyKids #myshitshownotyours #veteranlivesmatter fucktards! And so does coffee and honey! I want my parental Fucken rights back! I’m an American Hero! You stole all my money you defamed me! You lied you cheated! I want it all back! @governorabbott and @mayrafloresforcongress @dancrenshawtx @mayor_paulette_guajardo I am not telling a story! I’m telling the truth! @corpuschristipd I love y’all! @deptofdefense @deptvetaffairs @texasparkswildlife I definitely love y’all! @txveteranscommission you rock now would someone please help me? Literally I’m a Father Sober as Fuck and this is shit! @rigsreefclassicspearfishing I’m not in a militia don’t work for cartel and never used the #saltysoulpanga for human trafficking or dope running! This is #SpearfishingTalk I tag ya! I love ya! Now believe in me! Please Help! #veterans #community #love #coffee #work #share #help #money

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