Wouldn’t you want your own day?

denoting or relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond with the sex registered for them at birth. I don’t know about this? #iamaman I just don’t think someone who isn’t a #woman at birth should be eligible. #WhiteHousedragged for honoring #transgender woman or man or man woman or trans on #InternationalWomensDay presented with an International Women of Courage Award at a ceremony hosted by first lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday. hmmm shouldn’t you be a #realwoman to get this award? “But in the face of these challenges, she worked to end violence and discrimination against the #LGBTQI+ community.” Look I’m against violence as well! I’m cool if you wanna do what ever you wanna do! But internationally speaking a woman is a #woman I know people will judge me for this statement I just don’t think it’s fair if anything create a #LGBTQIaward seriously create #NationalLGBTQIDay or #InternationalLGBTQIday but leave awards like this to women for women! Maybe I’m to open minded ? Because I have three daughters and a son! What if one of them said hey dad I’m #LGBTQI I would honestly say okay cool! I’m your dad! In my opinion it should be a separate award if people who claim to be #LGBTQI I would be pissed as in if I was #LGBTQI I would want my own day but look I’m a Straight White Male who’s an American! Who love women! Respects women! Just like I respect your choice to be #LGBTQI but I don’t think you should be in the same #winnerscircle you should have your own! #mensday #womensday #LGBTQIday maybe I’m to open minded? But at the end of the day! Do what ever makes ya happy! I have plenty of #gayfriends friendships are awesome! I don’t know how many #LGBTQIfriends I have? But what ever floats your boat…. #openmind #birdsofafeather


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