Unanswered prayers ☠️

Sad when no one gives a fuck about you anymore….

The song of soul

Specially when I should be proud of loosing 130lbs, living sober, doing the best I could for them family I had. I will never understand but I’m thankful I never gave up.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and unfortunately relationship all suffered.

All I wanted was to be who I am today. Honestly I don’t know if it was worth it because I lost the love of my life, my kids. All of it. Had most of my friends turn away, pretty much all my family. It sucks.

Loneliness sucks…. Sure sober sure I’m 175lbs, but I still have to live with the hell of anxiety, depression, insomnia, ptsd.

With no one to hug me, no one telling me you did awesome, no one to enjoy the new me.

When they say people don’t care trust me. People don’t care because the last 5 years have been the longest loneliness I could ever describe. Short of posting on social media most days I wake up wishing the day was already over.

Which sucks because I have 3 daughters and a son I love so much. To be honest it’s my story my testimony. The only source of strength is prayer. Because no one cares what we did they only cared when I was doing it.

Nothing worse than not seeing your kids nothing worse than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Nothing worse than unanswered prayers

God I know you know I miss my kids and god I know you know I did my best I just wish you would fly down here and make this all right because I literally can’t handle it anymore

that’s the easy part waking up… the hard part is knowing how much time I’m missing each second I truly love my children and most of y’all know what the last 25 years cost me which is sad because I’m the 100% disabled veteran who learned to walk again twice over came 26 prescriptions live sober and just wanted to be who I am today for the love of my life and kids


World needs more loving helping caring women & men! https://youtu.be/s_nc1IVoMxc

surfman374 #USCG 98-18

100 percent disabled combat related service connected GOD FAMILY LOVE rigsreefclassicspearfishing.com #surfman374 ☠️🖤💀💯🏴‍☠️⚓️🤙🇺🇸❤️‍🩹🔁#love love is connection, passion, purpose 🏁 god bless those who help us come back… 🏁 help us cross the finish line because your only as good as those around you that’s why! We’re all just a bunch of hungry souls building each other up or trying to break our solid ground….

Texassocialmediacensorshiplaw goes into effect after federal court lifts block

The ruling Friday from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals likely means the case, which could have wide implications for online speech, will go before the U.S. Supreme Court again.

notaroundchildren #nokidsshouldsuffer from seeing this! BravoZulu @mayrafloresforcongress @tednugentofficial @nra if I tag you I believe in you! Doesn’t mean ya have to like me or what I post! Texas social media “censorship” law goes into effect after federal court lifts block #TexasSocialMediaSensorshiplaw

5th U.S. #CircuitCourtofAppeals likely means the case, which could have wide implications for #online #speech, will go before the U.S. #SupremeCourt again. #freedomofspeech BTW is what people like @dancrenshawtx @governorabbott @tedcruz stand for IMO #surfmam374 we all have a right to protect our children and religious belief! Kinda like #GUNRIGHTS I don’t care to much other than I wouldn’t let me kids watch this! #DadLife @surfman374 #Texas I mean sure it’s fun to express yourself but not around the kids! I’m pro family pro love pro choice btw! But I love women because I am a man! Don’t worry I’m not telling you what to do! Just telling you what I do social media getting nuts these days!


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