White Slaves America

Types of #slaverytoday

Humantrafficking. …

Forcedlabour. …

Debtbondage / #bondedlabour. …

Descent–based slavery (where people are born into slavery). …

Childslavery. …

Forced and early #marriage. …



Hundreds of thousands of #Europeans were captured by #Barbarypirates and sold as slaves in #NorthAfrica and the #OttomanEmpire between the 16th and 19th centuries. These slave raids were conducted largely by Arabs and Berbers rather than Ottoman Turks.

But it’s 2023 #cantweallgetalong

spearfishingtalk #spearfishingtipsandtricks my dream come true will be the day I get to go offshore spearfishing I dont care what kinda human you are if you a #fishhunter your cool #spearfishing #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #Momlife #thankyou #lovelawenforcement btw #dadlife #texas #iloveyou I’m very peaceful and absolutely sober and love my kids and my kids moms I might post my thoughts but it doesn’t change love forgiveness and how I feel… do I get upset don’t we all? All I know is who I loved what we created it worth it #Whiteslavery

White slavery refers to the slavery of #European, whether by #nonEuropeans, or by other #Europeans. Slaves of European origin were present in ancient Rome and the Ottoman Empire. Many different types of #whitepeople were enslaved. So now that we all know we all were slaves let’s go spearfish and have a big fish fry 🇺🇸🏁🤙💀☠️🏴‍☠️🖤⚓️🏝️💯🥰🥁💙⬆️💛🤠🔁 shouldn’t we all start enjoying life not destroying life?

“Up to one-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were Whites slaves and they were America’s first slaves. These Whites were slaves for life, long before Blacks ever were. This slavery was even hereditary. White children born to White slaves were enslaved too.

Whites were auctioned on the block with children sold and separated from their parents and wives sold and separated from their husbands. Free Black property owners strutted the streets of northern and southern American cities while White slaves were worked to death in the sugar mills of Barbados and Jamaica and the plantations of Virginia.


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