Smoke & Mirrors

SmokeAndMirrors “I know I speak the truth and don’t hold back or try and hide what’s happened to me the last 5 yrs… 💯

Does GOD work #miracles yes! Because since I went through what I did! A lot of good people have come into my life!

lawenforcementfamily #militaryfamily #veteranfamily #government #city #state

I’m not kidding either, I’ve been shown more love in the last year of my life despite what happened than I though was possible.

IBelieveGod #IBelieveinTexas so ThankYou

For listening to me… #Surfman374 #im100disabled #twentyyearsmilitary

Am I healthy yes, sober yes, thankful absolutely 💯🇺🇸🏁🤙⚓️ specially since the US Department of Veterans Affairs & Texas Veterans Commission have been so epic! So yes #Ibelieveinmiracles and #freedomofspeech #righttobarearms #freedomofreligion and #family

Eventually everything works out when you trust GOD and Tell the Truth 🖤☠️💯💀🤙

100percentcombatrelated #veterans #love #work #thankyou #people

incaseyoudidntknow InCaseYouMissedIt incaseyouforgot

Something that is described as smoke and mirrors is intended to make you believe that something is being done or is true, when it is not ☠️

an explanation or description that is not true or not complete and is used to hide the truth about a situation 💀

Defamation “is a legal term for a #falsestatement that #injures someone’s #reputation. #Libel is #writtendefamation. #Slander is #spokendefamation 🖤⚓️🏴‍☠️🏁

imsober #iLoveMyKids #dontHurtWomen #donthurtchildren #im100disabled #imissyoueveryday #lovingFather but lost a #Brand #TradeMark #Patent #ilovemyexwife #nevergettoseekids #militaryveteran #twentyyearsmilitary

All I wanted was a home of our own, more time with family, my wife to have a career she loved, me to be who I am today, and watch my kids grow up for once. #foreverhome #placetocallourown

Trust me, I know a lot of people didn’t tell the truth….

Laws About #Disability #AbuseofAdults
No one is allowed to carry out any behavior which leads to #pain, #physicalharm, or #mentalsuffering of adults with disabilities It is also against the law to deprive adults of the services they need to avoid mental suffering or physical harm.

So that said –

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament was something I created with the love of my life because it gave ma a safe place to connect and enjoy life

Spearfishing Talk allows me to reach others veterans and families show the world what I do believe in and love

Salty Soul Taxidermy was a hobby even though I’m actually a certified Taxidermist unfortunately the conditions I was trying to do it in didn’t allow for me to be more than a hobby. It was definitely something that connected me to the outdoors and hunting and fishing world. Unfortunately my meat processing equipment is on loan and I damn near lost all my equipment because of divorce BTW I would still take her back!

Gator-Gripp Rack System after receiving death threats extortion and bribery crap then being unlawfully silenced and told I was a silent partner they not only stole the $30,000 my family used for use to build the rack , but took all my social media away as well. And then told the world I was a convicted felon and beat my wife drug addict lmfao (yes ℹ openly admit 2019 reported it to US Department of Veterans Affairs I used cannabis to get off the 26prescription drugs that were actually making me worse)! Then reported in 2020/21 no alcohol and the use of CBD! So no Cannabis! Purchased all of my CBD legally in Corpus Christi Texas from the shops in our City to be honest. And yes wrote a cook book called HempGuideToHealthyEating

Unfortunately I had to sell my panga because I never would run dope or people! got accused of being in a militia which is hilarious never left my house from 2018-2022 unless mowing lawn and folding laundry cleaning house was considered it lmfao! Nope not in militia I did serve 20yrs in military! And the Capital Riots nope sorry I got a GoldMedal at WhiteHouse would never disrespect my nation that way! So not only am I 100% disabled but as you can see totally had my humans rights taken even got accused of witchcraft because my fantasy book I wrote! TheDitchWitch for my kids btw! So let me tell y’all! Maybe one day I can have it all back and my exwife! I pray for all this to be restored because no I don’t recommend chasing cops either unfortunately no one listens to me when I speak the truth


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