The law bans social media platforms with more than 50 million users from removing an account holder for what it terms “viewpoint discrimination.” Under HB 20, a banned user can sue a social media platform for reinstatement.Sep 19, 2022

Texassocialmediacensorshiplaw goes into effect after federal court lifts block

The ruling Friday from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals likely means the case, which could have wide implications for online speech, will go before the U.S. Supreme Court again. #tiktok #instagram #twitter #snapchat #youtube #linkedin #facebook I know I lost all my damn stuff! Bunch of bullshit! #spearfishingtipsandtricks #TripleDigitHunter #spearfishingtalk #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #gatorgripphd #pullsetgrip #saltysoultaxidermy #surfman374 and then get mislabeled and loose my wife and kids and home! And #saltysoulpanga definitely pissed off! #Texas loves #heroes I know #GODHASMYSIX so y’all chill the fuck out! Because I lost everything from 2009 to date! You didn’t

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament
Spearfishing Talk
Gator-Gripp Rack System
Salty Soul Taxidermy

David Ramsey #dmramsey #texashempchef #gatorgripp and I’m sober so definitely bunch of bullshit! #veteran 1998-2018 what I can’t talk about #hempguidetohealthyeating because I reported it all to the Texas Veterans Commission US Department of Veterans Affairs so definitely got me pissed off! I hope texas whoops ass on this one! I’m disabled on social security it’s against the law to fuck with disabled adults it’s against the law to hurt women and children! So y’all better square up! I’m sober I believe in freedom of speech religion and my gun rights not to mention medical care and acupuncture after 10 surgeries I just wanna enjoy life not get fucked over #hb20 #veterans #socialmedia #security #medical #law #supremecourt

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