Family Unity prayer

God grant us the patience to work together, bring us all together as a family. Let us work together with understanding and compassion in our hearts. Let us not be rude or arrogant towards one another, as we light the way to your heavenly kingdom. #amen

Hey 175lbs feels epic for #lent I’m only eating #onemealaday #fastingforhealing #fastingforspiritualgrowth #prayer #meditation #relaxing that’s what #lent2023isaboutforme #MEandGOD #godisamiracleworker I’m praying for #momlife and #dadlife and #kidslife because #familiesbelongtogether not apart #GODisLoveAllTheTime #PoetryOfAHero #prayercall #prayersgoupblessingscomedown remember that! #DontFallYall #EternalLove is what I’m all about! #soberdadskickass #sobermomsrock #singledadsrock also so do #singlemoms

See my dog & my kids #whatwouldmakemehappy

That was a good question lmfao what makes me happy? #lifeofpiety #familytime #spearfishing #freediving living this version of me #GODSFavoriteAvatar #manstuff like making summer sausage smoking meats aging cheese growing my own vines for wines I would actually love growing cannabis and hemp! But hey told ya I’m honest lmfao! I loved brewing beer. And making my own vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin. Heck I love making my ammo for my guns and doing my own taxidermy. But hey here’s to no pills since 2019, ño cannabis or alcohol in over two years and no hemp in a year. I’m not afraid to say cool things like mushrooms and herbs helped me become sober! Trust me pills served the purpose. But this version of me is much better.

I believe as a Man or Woman you must be as pure as you can in four areas of life!





We all need a life partner! #singleSucks
And we all should be living our best life as present as we can enjoying each second as best and all in as we can. Stop censoring me btw Texas says you can’t muzzle us!

The Texas law prohibits social media platforms from “censor[ing]” users or content based on viewpoint or the user’s geographic location in the state. However, the law does not prevent platforms from censoring some specific types of content, including unlawful expression or specific discriminatory threats of violence.Sep 22, 2022 #Texassocialmediacensorshiplaw

spearfishingtalk #TripleDigitHunter yes I believe in plant based healing yes I believe in modern medicine and yes since 2019 reported all of this to US Department of Veterans Affairs #OrangeTeam #FreedomOfSpeech #freedomofreligion #GUNRights definitely three things I believe in! And telling y’all the man I was is who I am not today! I’m the man I’ve always wanted to be now… this man is the man I wanted to be for my wife and all my children #singlelifesucks because I have so much to offer my house my family. My legacy my brand my trademark our future #love #veterans #brand #socialmedia #content #cannabis #future #like #law #medicine

narcissist nope clinical diagnosis says #positiveempath just because I post a lot doesn’t mean anything…. In fact I built a tournament just to give it all a way, built and outdoor brand just to move forward in an industry I love. when someone says it’s all about me, nah that’s why. Served selflessly for 20year. all about me? Gods all about all of us. Learn to love people not talk shit about people. That’s my advice be proud of sobriety the fact that I I’m alive. And never gave up. IMO I’m a proud father who’s all about his kids. That’s why I’m sober. Instead of posting a negative comment just unfollow me your bay gonna make yourself look heartless I know what I’ve done for others. Always have given way more than taken. #TripleDigitHunter #texassocialmediacensorshiplaw #spearfishingtalk #godsfavoriteavatar people should be more positive IMO vs negative I mean heck my best friends actually my exwife but that’s between her and I. Imo you can either enjoy my content or move on… I don’t need anyone hating my journey I workout because eventually you will see alot more spearfishing photos as for mental judicial spiritual relational you should focus on yours more vs the negative comments . Remember ya reap what you sow help others vs talk shit! Last I checked I am a real hero I earned what’s I’ve earned. And damn thankful I served with who I served with… haters ain’t nothing but haters I don’t have time for haters and trolls #love #brand #content #people #help #comment


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