I don’t need Jesus yall do

I do love myself enjoy my life just because I post feeling online doesn’t mean anything more than expressing opinions….

So if you wanna post how I need to move on lmfao find myself lmfao do what I love lmfao go ahead. Because this is just an app!

What I post is my right. If I am man enough to post it’s because it’s my app how I use it.

My normal life is filled with prayer meditation positive stuff. Ie eating healthy & fitness just because I’m not hunting and fishing or Freediving doesn’t mean I’m not using my time as I see fit. I don’t care what people say, If I wanna talk about loving my ex wife, or what I went through to become tha man I am now it’s because this is my journey. Not yours. So your either gonna positively support it or post negative I don’t care what y’all say. I’m 44 years old and retired 5 years ago! Most of y’all don’t know what I really went through 10 surgeries 20 year’s military never really being home never getting to see my family and serving so you can have your freedom. throw in 26 prescriptions it was hell coming off all that! Loosing 80lbs the first time now 130lbs means I’m obviously focused on me God and my future. Investing since 2000 with 3 retirement accounts. Not to mention 3 sources of income I earned. So honestly I’m doing epic. Remember 4 pillars to best life! Mental physical spiritual relational if one’s not right it’s all gonna suffer. So now yeah single sucks haven’t been on a date since my exwife and I went a year ago. Just been me and god for a year. So trust me I’m doing me. Living the best I can with what’s left. Y’all and your comments crack me up!considering I earned me retirement 5 yrs ago lmfao and been through hell and back.
To include loosing what I love my wife dog and kids Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk Gator-Gripp Rack System Salty Soul Taxidermy last I checked my names on that patent lmfao so y’all can stop with the doctor Phil bullshit I got help from the Texas Veterans Commission US Department of Veterans Affairs not all you haters lmfao 😂 who watched it all happen y’all need Jesus


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