Dad’s Mom’s Kids WorkNFUn

Trust me, it ain’t easy being honest…

But it’s healing being truthful

And forgiveness is KEY! 🤙❤️

“Jesus disagreed with loved ones. But didn’t disown them. He gets us.”

Jesus #GOD #HolySpirit amen 🙏🏾 I trust GOD alive my kids and appreciate my kids Moms I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for GOD, Jesus, Family and the HolyGhost amen 🙏🏾 GODBless Y’all

“In the end I’m healing”! And I’m better
I’m also very thankful for my exwives because our kids rock! I’m thankful for the lessons learned. Because it’s easier to say hey this is my story not yours! And I’m better dad because of this journey! And sober! #Surfman374 I’m also thankful for my Family & Friends! This is my social media NOT YOURS! I’m just telling y’all what it took to heal, and learn to love again!
Laugh Again, yes my stuff is deep! Yes my stuff is real! But I pray you see the light. The love it took to speak up. Because I want what’s best for all our kids, all our families, all our friends! This even includes companies! Any past projects! Because all heroes come home! And let me tell ya! It’s taken 5 years! #NeverGiveup #momlife “ladies first” #DadLife #poetryofahero #humanity #Revelations …. #Faith & #gratitude yes I’m thankful bold and believe we are all beautiful and can all forgive heal and love respect enjoy life


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