Cheating sucks

But it can be forgiven Trust me!

It’s way easier to forgive BTW !!! #forgive

You must forgive yourself first! Then Others #dadlife #love #veteranlife #liarssuck #militarylife #stealingsucks #poetryofahero #familylife #secretgarden


lawenforcementlife “trust me even cheaters, liars, thieves can be forgiven”!

I wish you the best on your journey be forgiven that’s the KEY IMO what happened happens it’s what you do after that counts

TripleDigitHunter “I definitely failed a few tests to get here”! Like chasing a cop car lmfao 🤣 like yelling at my exwives! Like not protecting them as in making them feel safe! Trust me I’m a Man means I definitely had to learn to be less of an asshole & dick learn to listen with both ears and talk from the heart! This isn’t an attack on any woman BTW! Trust me we are not easy to love! Specially when UncleSam didn’t teach us LOVE… but life did! love Y’all

I’m thankful for Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk Gator-Gripp Rack System Salty Soul Taxidermy U.S. Coast Guard Go Coast Guard US Department of Veterans Affairs Texas Veterans Commission because I asked for help! I’m also thankful for the journey the hardships the lessons. Because I’m now man enough to say I needed to loose it all to learn who I really was! What I really loved! GOD, MySelf, all my exwives our kids, our families and friends! Trust me! I definitely love y’all and Corpus Christi TX


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