Retired Goals set them early

timeforchange is what I told myself the day I retired 2018. 3 Things was my goal, HEAL more #Time with #family and to become Sober. Learn to live and be present in the moment. We all get the same 24hrs it’s what ya do with it that counts #tiktok2023

  • mental health
  • spiritual health
  • physical health
  • relationship health

(Humans aren’t meant to be alone TrustMe)

soberliving #soberlifestyle #sobermovement #dmr #DADLife with 4200 churches I choose earth! With 40th ops stories I know the oceans 400’ higher, but I also know there’s about 400-600ft of material over the “fossil” fuels lmfao so to me it’s about #solarenergy #sol power #soulpower #soulpurpose energy light vibration that’s what healed me!

  • Fasting
  • Prayer
  • Meditation

(That’s what changed me from negative to positive)! Living • Laughing • Loving 🥰

Let me tell ya when you see shadow people (that was definitely the low point) and then like multicolor people (definitely a high point) then you feel your hair stand up all over your body (really happens) you actually feel the suns heat, the wind, listen to Mother Nature you’ll know. You will understand it’s called Spiritual Growth.

I’m just glad I went up instead of down!

Blessings 2 y’all 🧜‍♂️🙏🏾🌹💯❤️‼️🛟🥰


PoetryOfAHero #solarplexuschakra #chakrahealing #acupunctureworks

Shoutout to Paradigm Wellness for about three years of listening to me and sticking me. It’s definitely a #holistichealth #holistichealing #holisticwellness path I took. #TripleDigitHunter FearNoEvil 🧜‍♂️🤙☀️🏝️🌎☺️


Socialmedia is #mynotebook #wywhiteboard its how i did it! #read my blog read my instagram read my facebook linkedin snapchat twitter youtube its all there to help because its how i did it… my #why family #DadLife #DMR #Surfman374 #truestory btw #TikTok #fyp to live laugh love… yes high points and low points faced my demons if ya will. I had too to become sober i had to be real raw and honest with myself. Im glad i #NeverGiveUp became who i am


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