Fuck EveryOne 🤙‼️🧜‍♂️🌊🫶💙

#GatorGrippHD #PullSetGrip #TripleDigitHunter #DMR #DADLife


TripleDigitHunter DMR DADLife

This is why heroes get fucked! And we loose our families friends and passion! No I’m not suicidal no I’m not gonna hurt myself or others but this is totally fucked up! I got fucked over! That’s for damn sure! Stop destroying VETERANS i risked my life for you! And you didn’t do shit for me! AFRASGOLDMEDAL from the whitehouse! I’m a Fucked Over Father who built a brand trademark and patent! I love spearfishing and my kids! And would never hurt women or children! ChesterRBenderAward ALTUSTENDO BMC Retired! 100% Disabled 100% Combat Related for you america and my kids! My future! I learned to walk again twice lost 200lbs between 2010 to date! Had cervical fusion, lumbar fusion, 3 of them, and both shoulders and wrists rebuilt! As well as right knee thanks to 30,000 rescues Surf drills and fucking Hurricane Harvey! This is Bullshit but truth! Ya stole my life!

Surfman374 1998-2018


I built That! And Gator-Gripp.com
I miss my kids love music and I’m sober! And miss shooting fish and game! #SaltySoulTaxidermy #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing #SpearfishingTalk #GatorGrippHD #PullSetGrip Patent!
My life’s a True Story BTW! Corpus Christi, TX 78412
God Blessed My Dreams & My Journey

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