Be humble be honest be you!

I love you GiGi you believed in me when no one else did! I made you a promise! My word is my word!

“If you’re looking at your bank statements after the holidays and notice fraudulent charges, you may be the victim of an Internet crime. Alert your bank and file a complaint at”! Salty Soul Taxidermy was a hobby, Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament my passion! Spearfishing Talk my page and Group! I know what I built! I’m DMR DavidMRamsey most of y’all already o ow me! I’ve been on Facebook since 2009 Atleast

FBI #DEA #CIA #ATF #DHS #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #dmr #surfman374 #internetcrime gets ya real time! #Hackers #Haters #Trolls #Scammers #Spammers #WorldWideWebTaskForce is real! #SpaceForce #MetaVerseTaskForce don’t hurt womenandchildren GOD bless Family Community and People who wake up daily for a better life… #Brand #Legacy #Patent #TradeMark 🇺🇸💯‼️🧜‍♂️🏆 who protects those who’ve been taken advantage of? It’s EPIC let me tell ya! #PoetryOfAHero #DadLife #CoOwnerLife







“don’t fake it we Create it!”

Patent number: 10035468
Type: Grant
Filed: Mar 27, 2017
Date of Patent: Jul 31, 2018
Patent Publication Number: 20170217379
Inventors: David Ramsey (Corpus Christi, TX)

“the beauty of a HashTag is all ya have to do is click it and you’ll see what I created I don’t fake a damn thing because try always wins can’t never wins!”

Try will! Stay Square, Back Down! Never Gave Up! Specially when it comes to MadeInAmerica

“real bosses don’t steal from bosses when people care they help ya grow!” Taking from someone who served 20yrs on Active Duty! WRONG! Taking from a Veteran WRONG! Taking from a Dad! WRONG a Mom! WRONG! A Family WRONG! People either build ya up or try and take it all!

I’ve been on social media since MySpace this ain’t my first rodeo!

What Goes Around, Comes Around! Hashtags don’t lie! HUMANS DO! All you have to do is click any hashtags on my Surfman374 Instagram and you’ll see who actually created what…


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