FaceBook SUCKS

Well that didn’t take long lmfao #surfman374 #dmr #DadLife #CoOwnerlife #Saltysoulpanga #Saltysoultaxidermy #blacknbluepaintball #saltysoulsurfacedrive #saltysoulskiff #gatorgripp #gatorgripphd #pullsetgrip why do we have to loose it all for this? I’m #SOBER I am not selling my soul for the lies haters hackers trolls clones drones snakes sinners when is someone gonna protect real American heroes? How many hashtags do I have to use to say I’m telling the truth? Are the kids mine? DNA Test? Why did I loose it all for what? THIS SHITSHOW? #VETCourt #VA #DHS #FBI #CIA is it real? Ya wonder why we suffer! Click a hashtag see why! I love my family loved my wife! Miss my damn kids! But why would ya take them from me? Where they even mine? Sad to ask that question but after what I lost why not speak up! I don’t believe in family violence BTW and can’t stand drinks and drugs addicts! I’m an American Veteran who lost is all! #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing for what? Why? Yep sober and I was doped! Fucking assholes Facebook sucks

Ain’t nothing fake about being the CMO and CoOwner of Gator-Gripp Rack Systems







(good thing about hashtags you can always see who created them)!

ATV UTV 4 Wheeler Bow Gun Utility Holder Rack” version 1, downloaded from internet website: http://www.gator-gripp.com/Gallery.html on Mar. 27, 2017.
Patent History
Patent number: 10035468
Type: Grant
Filed: Mar 27, 2017
Date of Patent: Jul 31, 2018
Patent Publication Number: 20170217379
Inventors: David Ramsey (Corpus Christi, TX)


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