freehugs #bearhugs #dmr #bigBearHugs #bearkiss #loveyall #dmr thats the answer XOXOXO 🤗🧸 🫶‼️🤙💯🤠👆🏼🧜‍♂️❤️ surfman374 rigsreefclassicspearfishing #poetryofahero Empath empathy it’s about feeling what other people feel recognizing the feelings the left and right side of the brain I care about your goals your objectives your life your activities your actions because I have my own people don’t want to be alone it’s about communication community lovers life businesses ride or die! It’s powerful the power of love!

poetryofahero #whatsthemeaningoflife #SelfRespect IMO

“fall like a Thunderbolt”! Move with SelfRespect live with SelfRespect Love with SelfRespect Work with SelfRespect! Laugh with SelfRespect! The cure for boredom is curiosity btw learn read right research 🧐

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