I’m American

imamerican #veteran #dadlife talk positive be positive be real be honest be loyal integrity honor respect and love each other! Do what’s right day and night! Sober is key BTW @surfman374 it’s the story of the person who much achieve it! #unbroken #unshakeable #relentless trust love faith spiritual now! Yes! Balance listen to the whales listen to the birds get outside enjoy earth the ocean the air the soul of us all is In Peace joy but surrounded by chaos and order I’m not gonna live a half lived life! I’m living my life! Listening to my soul! #SoulOfTheNation is real! Thoughts are real metaphysically speaking it’s always changing! Sometimes it’s different difficult challenging filled with loss but roll with it! Even my time shines #poetryofahero don’t fence me in! Don’t tell me what I can’t do! Don’t you dare try to control me I am who I am #poetryisnotdead im not dead I live for the day I get to be hugged loved respected I live at peace with my sober higher self


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