My note books getting full

Trust me love my heroes all heroes and the families they go home to! For those who protect and serve your city state or nation GOD a less you brothers and sisters those who’ve come home from hell I hope your going home to a house of love and forgiveness I hope when your hero comes home ya show them love they earned it they deserve it. Talk often date often and@put each other first! Not your friends not the outside family focus on each other understanding each other loving each other respect each other learn how to debate properly get help as needed from the people who went to school for it! Not your family or friends! True love is worth protecting healing making whole again! Be like the ultimate operation returning home should involve the spouse and children love is the answer #dmr #surfman374 I would give anything to see that have been applied to my castle it was great getting the help but my spouse now ex didn’t get the help so IMO all spilled over it was hell in us all… should be make the family whole again make love real real dragons need love too so do those they go home to! Because drinking drugs cheating lies beating each other ain’t the answer listening to them there’s destroy your castle ain’t gonna save ya either IMO I’m a man who loves fuck ego show empathy fuck attitude show calmness fuck arguing learn to talk and calm each other down learn to hug learn to kiss learn to listen and know when it’s time to get real help I think it would have worked for my past but then again all I do now is walk and do push-ups and post my notes on how I’m healing… #myManNotebook is getting full lmfao

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