Joke? NOPE well kinda lmfao truth be told my life’s a real life!

iceicebaby lmfao 😂 @uscg knows about #ice #surfman374 @rigsreefclassicspearfishing #dmr I like “iced Coffee” Carmel Chocolate coconut milk with 🥜 #nuts drizzled with Carmel and some #whippedcreamcookie on top yummy! #goteggs ? #spermwhales #catfish #hackers #trolls #haters #thieves #crookedcops #whosgotthesaucenowbitch #coffeetime be a cool coffee shop doughnut shop name “crooked cops coffee” lmfao 😂 bad doughnuts daily! #CrookedCopsCoffee #BadDoughNutsDaily #Texas #onlyInTexas lmfao 😂 #Cowboy was my nickname! I don’t ride cowboys I ride cowgirls btw! I don’t care what you ride #DeltaDeltaDelta #TriDelta ride a delta? Lmfao 😂 I hunt and fish the delta does that count? I once rode a delta so hard she still feels me! I love my delta! Because I’m #Salty with a dose of loyalty integrity honor for my city state and nation! I love hood cops btw because badCops suck! #BadCopsSuck #GoodCopsRock good cops show love! Bad cops just take your money lmfao 😂 #LEOJokes #FleoJokes nope just a #DopeJoke #IceIceBaby lmfao 😂 what you know about iceBreakers? Did you even serve your city state or nation? Respect those that do and have! BTW I love EMS All Heroes of all nations straight or gay! It’s your day! Love it love it laugh with it! Just don’t fuck with women and children! Otherwise CBP will bust out some whips and whoop that ass! bedroom style red zone i shoot fish because big game hunting is boring and they might steal your patent trademark and brand lmfao 😂 if it fits it Gripp’s… I got something you can pull set grip! DeezNuts

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