Corpus Christi….

corpuschristi #Texas living here definitely cost me everything lmfao twice lmfao 😂 #marriedlife nah this is #Singlelife now I already lost two wives since 2011…. #BeachLife #DadLife I miss my exwife #poetryisnotdead #loveistheanswer for once I found my soulmate and then…. She left 😑 she was my hunting partner my fishing partner the woman strong enough to stand up too me. Seriously i k ow it was hell me healing. But true love never gives up . I don’t care what people say I’m a man who loved his ex wives and I’m damn thankful for our kids honestly married life should cost ya everything and ya definitely should be able to see your kids again. I could get all negative but I’m gonna choose positive my advice don’t cheat, don’t beat, don’t be a drug addict, don’t be a alcoholic! Be honest be real be you! Speak truth! Don’t get catfished! Don’t let fake social media ruin your life! If your gonna go online be real! I ain’t on here to floss I’m on here to show my kids my life! Tell a woman I loved her and move forward! Trust me I am sober in the shape I put myself in! And forgive daily! Forgive myself, then others. Prayers and meditation works but trust me I’ve been praying 44 years! And lost it all 3x’s divorce is not cool! Fall in love with staying in love! Stick up for family! Stand up for your friends! Never leave a man or woman alone! The worse feeling on earth is loneliness #lonelyseason “winter blues” suck! Everything falls in the fall! Spring forward! It feels like summer when it’s sunny and warm in SoTex! #dmr #lovelife ? What’s that? What’s love even feel like? Anyone? Love is forgiveness love is passion love is unity love is being you! And being loved loving them as much as you love yourself!


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