Once you understand Anxiety…. You can handle anxiety

“Difficult experiences” in childhood, adolescence or adulthood are a common trigger for anxiety problems. Going through stress and trauma when you’re very young is likely to have a particularly big impact. Experiences which can trigger #anxiety problems include things like: physical or emotional abuse. Learn to crush the Anxiety #TakeControl #TakeCommand #subconsciousmind from #consciousevents cause long lasting trauma #dmr #CrushTheDemonsOfYourPast don’t let them haunt you today!

“The left side words of encouragement the right side positive images balance in the middle”

The left side of the brain is concerned with language, number skills, reasoning, scientific skills, spoken language, and right-hand control. The left side is the hub of language, where you “assemble” the language (words and sentence structure) you want to communicate.

The right side of your brain is in charge of visual awareness, imagination, emotions, spatial abilities, face recognition, music awareness, 3D forms, interpreting social cues, and left-hand control. It performs some math, but only rough estimations and comparisons.

Think of yourself as ⚖️ in a World full of #Order and #chaos I choose to stand in the middle! #RightSide #LeftSide #MiddleGround #DMR #SpreadJoy2023

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