Do you like to read ?

“Waiting for others often is the chains that bind us 🤣 amen 🙏🏾” lmfao no chains on this cowboy….. I could post all day, but I choose to enjoy the now #SpreadJoy2023 #dmr #Surfman374 #fyp #breakthechain did that long ago lmfao #Dance #Live #Laugh #Love #forgiveness @dmramsey #DadLife


Do you like to read? Good start reading trust me, I love to read, definitely helped. I love the Bible, Quran, Torah, heck I even read “The Satans Bible”, why? Understand my enemy bring balance to life raise awareness to what matters. Learning we are not slaves, we are souls. Atleast I am. Living sober, giving zero fucks about what others think. Spreading joy, showing love towards my children. Being positive.

SpreadJoyAndPositivity worlds full of enough drama 🎭 #DMR #corpuschristi #Tx #Surfman374 #SpreadJoy #SpreadJoy2023 #love

Send it All In 👍🏻 yep so much so they say I’m crazy lmfao don’t worry ya had to be to do what I did lmfao 😂 #dmr

Yeah you can learn a lot about the past from the past. But never stop living in the now. Learn to let go of what doesn’t love you. Learn to pray and meditate. Live sober.wake up do your best. We are vessels capable of what ever you desire what ever you love what ever your passionate about. You see I’m retired I retired in 2018. Although I am a CoOwner in something but that’s never benefited me. I have started a few things but it never helped me. What helped was inwardly focusing to shine brighter outward. I don’t consider things as loss anymore as one day I won’t be taking anything with me. The road s long the path is narrow. The journey is challenging. But never give up. What will becomes. What isn’t goes away. What loves and supports stands besides you nourishing you. The worse thing you can do in life is not help others. The worse thing you can do in life is judge others. For who are you to judge another? Your not a slave. Your a human. You have a choice. To help your world. Or destroy it. To benefit your self, your family, your tribe, or destroy it. What happens in the Metaverse is often the version you want to be and want others to see. But what I’ve discovered since MySpace, and Facebook since 2009 is simple people either love your content, or laugh at it. Troll you, hack you, or steal from you. Don’t be afraid to be original be you. Don’t give up on you. Love you love your dreams. Even if your married still be you! Because when the time comes to save the ship, it’s only you. Yes relationships can be a blessing. But only when you love you first. yes working can be a blessing but only when ya love your job. It’s that simple. The shitshow is real good days happen bad days happen. Treat each other with love and respect. Help each other. Invest in each other. The most powerful team is one that over comes it’s weaknesses and breaks the chains. One that climbs up out of the ashes and enjoys the now. One that pushes the limits as asks the hard questions. One that try’s new things vs just doing what’s always been done. Innovation growth discovery become passion Love energy #SpreadJoy2023

Btw you hate on me or try and break me down I will just send ya to my block party trust me I’m not afraid to block you.

David Ramsey

dmr #dmramsey #dmramsey1 #surfman374 #CoOwnerLife #DadLife

I remember when I graduated from LaCenter High School it was just gonna be 4 years in the USCG never thought 20 years would fly by that fast #ClassOf98 #Hotel153 #AfrasGoldMedal #AltusTendo #ChesterRBenderAward #HurricaneHarvey

Sunrises and sunsets that’s what’s up! Love ”you” yeah all y’all I’m southern we say slang and I don’t proofread my shitshow I just share it lmfao 😂 may your GOD bless! U #VictoryStartsHere #finishlinefeels good 😊 #dmr #ShitCreekSurvivor #FightClub #FireStarter yeah I still love her …. So what

I’m a Lover and Fighter take time to enjoy life! Trust me! #ttyl2022 #SpreadJoy2023

Send it All In 👍🏻 yep so much so they say I’m crazy lmfao don’t worry ya had to be to do what I did lmfao 😂 #dmr

What’s DMR ? do More Right (DavidMRamsey) EGO earth Guide Only third rock from the sun shitshow daily lmfao JK alive you all

“I don’t mind you asking but if ya got nothing positive to write, text, or say don’t waist your time this is why I don’t really have anything to do with some old friends or family because they can’t and y’all can’t figure life out… I’m positive vibes only love ya I got enough negativity to deal with I don’t need anyone else’s lmfao 😂 I don’t like your demons trust me you won’t like mine hahahahaha true story BTW stop sharing demons because my angels are busy down here #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #saltypoetrytales #seastories #wordsofwisdom #spearfishingtipsandtricks #dmr #saltysoul #sailorshitshow #sailortalk

Trust me I can talk dirty , but I choose to keep it clean and blogged it all out of my system. Which reminds me #MyBooks ready for an editor who wants to edit my book? Hit me up 🤙 #SpreadJoy2023 #DadLife #finishlinefeels

“This is what I love for, the simple things because ya can’t take anything with ya” DMR Surfman374

Drink some coffee go for a walk DMR

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