Yes I’m 44 and served 20yrs in Military

Acupuncture BTW and Chakra Activated


When someone says I look to young to have served 20yrs in the United States Coast Guard… ya should have seen me back then lmfao 1998-2018 god bless my veterans and active duty brothers and sisters 🇺🇸

Yep I’m 44 as of the 17th of December what’s my secret ? It’s a secret 🤫 lmfao 😂

But seriously I walk when my body allows 5-8miles
I workout when my body allows
ℹ meditate Daily!
I pray more then the Pope , with 4000 religions on earth pick one. Me I choose GOD! With a sprinkle of Bible, Quran, Torah on Top lmfao 😂 no I’m not GAY! If you are that’s cool… yes I’m divorced (definitely sucks) yes I have 3 daughters Kenzie 21, Addyson 13, Hadley 3, and Son Austin 18. Yes I’m SOBER!
I eat atleast 1 salad a day! Eat white meats and seafood! Yes occasionally red meats.
I drink Atleast (no joke) 6-12oz Cups of Coffee a day lmfao with Coconut Milk Only!

I drink 4-6 24oz waters a day! Everyday and my grocery bills only about 50-75.00 a week.

I typically skip breakfast, eat a late lunch/dinner

Yes I used Cannabis to get off 26 prescriptions 3.5yrs ago! No I don’t drink alcohol it’s been over 14months. When I did it wasn’t more than 3 standard drinks! And it’s been since March/April 2022 no Cbdcbgcbccbn “Hemp” …. So as you can see it took from 2018 when I retired to the spring of 2022 to sober up. Detox loose 120lbs and live a more sustainable life style! After 3 lumbar fusions, 1 cervical fusion, both shoulders reconstructed, both wrists, and right knee let me tell y some days I don’t get out of bed… some days I do. Most days I sleep from 11pm till 3am then nap during the day. I’m retired I can do that. Yes I invest in the stock market! Been doing that since 2002. Yes I retired in 2018 at age 39. And yes I pay child support for 3 of my biological children. And yes I love and respect their moms. And miss my exwife! Yes I tried to end my life 3 times on Active Duty. No I have not attempted since nor will I ever again! My children are my why! GOD Bless y’all

Yes y’all #Acupuncture BTW and #Chakra #Activated Chakra Activated #love #veterans #cannabis #coffee #sustainable #respect #stockmarket #sleep #quran #bible #torah #sober #DADLife #DMR #Surfman374 #dmramsey #Freediving 4:20-5min Breath Hold #SpearfishingTalk static and dynamic 2min Hunter


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