Better days please

Here’s to a new year with a lot to remember #Dadlife #dmr

DavidRamsey Surfman374 BMC Retired 98-18

I’ve had a rough year lmfao lost everything all my money my family my home I lived in since 2015 my friends now divorced definitely wish I was still married crazy everything I did online and in life has always been out of love if we reap what we sow I’m sure better days are ahead. It’s definitely brought me closer to GOD and faith in the creator. No I’m not talking about a church or the worship of anything idol but straight up GOD. I’m alive that’s all I’m thankful for ❤️‼️🫶 Atleast my kids are safe and I’m healthy but it’s cost me everything This new age time era what ever you call it we are in has definitely been one transition I will never forget I know this I use to have a problem with women because most all have cost me everything including my mom and how she talked to them trust me mom I love ya I know you love me but dang it was hell the things that were said towards me my wives. Told ya I’m brutally honest. I do forgive my mom, and everyone who took from me. And yes I trust GOD and still love and respect my kids moms. Specially this last now ExWife UGH. After all my children wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the women I was with each of them beautiful special and powerful, so I have faith in GOD’s plan 🫶‼️❤️ definitely hope 2023 is better than 2022 because I haven’t even seen my kids this year ain’t seen hadley since March but 1hr it sucks I’ve never hurt anyone or threatened anyone yes I have acted up, yes said things because I was at my extreme limit and truly felt under attack or that someone thing was or is or has definitely tried to destroy me. I mean seriously I had to sell my Lancha/ Panga because I’m not working for cartel, had to end my hobby because I don’t ever wanna get raided by game wardens again SaltySoulTaxidermy, walked away from rigsreefclassicspearfishing because all people did was accuse me of things that never happened, had to turn away from the outdoor industry because someone accused me of being in a militia. I took and OATH served 20 years for america to protect and serve her. I Would never destroy that OATH! Texas has definitely been hard. I don’t ever want to go through this much loss again! And NO i don’t have a problem with Police Officers they Protect and Serve just like I did! If anything I have an issue with those who tried to destroy my American dream! I mean seriously ProDraw , GatorGripp , GatorGrippHD, now PullSetGrip what’s up with that? My names on a USPatent! And TradeMark! Actually registered to me as a CoOwner! So yeah! It’s been hell! And all started when I retired from family telling me I’m not a “real hero” work partners telling me the same and I should hang myself! And then all my friends and family in Texas walking away from me! Trust me! It’s been hell! Specially when I paid all the bills, for everything the last 8 years. Talk about AllIn! So here’s to speaking truth! Not Cheating! Not beating! Not being an Alcoholic, Drug Addict, or Child Abuser! I’m a DAD! A Veteran, now ExHusband! Who still loves her! I loved them all and there families and friends! Trust me I wish I could see Kenzie it’s been since 2019, Austin 2020, Addyson 2021, Hadley Lucky Ashley since March 2022. I’m a loving man who gave it his all. I’m not giving up! Love my parents, love my family, love everything I did, built, created. DMR love is the most powerful magic on earth! Harmony and peace! Not saying it will end Wars! But am saying Truth saved me! Wisdom healed me! Even HempGuideToHealthyEating was my attempt to show the world how I did it! So here’s to sobriety no pills since 2019, no Cannabis 2020, no Alcohol 2021, no Hemp spring 2022 …. GOD Bless yall that’s some SpearfishingTalk I miss shooting fish! Fish frys and fellowship


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