Created it all so they could see

Atleast I keep ya posted lmfao 😂 just check my IG the real reason I did it all because I never get to see y’all so I figured might as well share it you’ll see what I did then love you 8 years I posted a lot hahahahha actually think I’ve been on Facebook since 2009 lmfao wow 🤩 it’s about to be 2023 a d I still don’t have #TheRamseyFamily sure I got #Dadlife but don’t get to see them ever I miss my kids love ya Kenzie, Austin, Addy, Hadley, Lucky pup I definitely love your moms GOD Bless heck MySpace before all that time flys… enjoy it I miss my family nothing harder than serving 20 years in military then spending last 4 loosing it all


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