My Life , My Journey Truth

I still remember #learningtowalkagain was brutal 3 #lumbarfusion ‘s #shouldersurgery both rebuilt #kneesurgery and both #wristsurgery ‘s #militarylife wasnt easy was on 26 #presciptions 98-18 now #SoberLife doing the best i can #Surfman374 #NeverGiveUp #dmr 80lbs lost 2011, 120lbs lost 18-22 ugh #weightlosstransformation #mystoryisntover loveyall #CCTX

You can’t do shit about that past, but you can learn from it! Can do shit about today! But you can enjoy it! Can’t do shit about tomorrow it hasn’t happened yet! So I wake up do what I can! Change what I can how I can enjoy what I can! I’m not lowering my standards I’m not isolating I’m not running from a damn thing! I’m not afraid sure sadness is real! Sure love is real! Yes LOVE is Real! We can only do our best! Trust me that’s a lesson learned the hard way! Sometimes your best isn’t good enough for others, well that’s on them! Learned to let go, yes! But it doesn’t mean, I’m not gonna say sorry, not gonna say I don’t love her! Not gonna say negative shit! I talk about it, post it, create content about it, to remember to remind to stay focused! #SocialMedia is a TOOL! It helps me heal! Helps me place truth to something I believe in! #TrustButVerify #LoveAndLoyalty #FaithAndGratitude gratitude and #attitudeiseverything #nevergiveuponyourdreams I’m thankful for my children, yep definitely wasn’t ready for a third daughter but thankful she is here! Wasn’t ready for a Third Divorce because #loveislove #mychildrenaremyworld I’m thankful for #MyKidsMoms sounds crazy, but it’s not crazy too me! I want my kids too grow up United! No matter who mom is, #IAmDad

DadLife love you guys and yours #MOMS cheers to #MomLife love you ladies ❤️‼️🫶♾️🙌⚖️🫵🥰 I’m thankful for our children love ya Kenzie, Austin, Addy, Hadley, Lucky Pup … am I #Alone yeah but my kids are safe and I’m thankful for that.

Did life cost me #TheCompany #TheFoundation of what I worked harder for? Only time will tell… I definitely look forward to the day I have a home my kids enjoy 😉 here’s to 44 yrs of selflessness #love #content #change #gratitude

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