IMO BTW IM NOT A CHEATER! Can be enjoyed by yourself or with your partner 🧐 I don’t share either I think it’s been since like Feb for me maybe March been so long I can’t remember lmfao 🤣 fact

By the way nothing comes easy in life unless ya got rich Parents! LMFAO I earned my way!

And no I’m not having sex or have I had sex with anyone since the day I met my now ExWife back in August 2014 because to me Sex to me has always been something special btw!!! It’s the chance for a male & female to #connect as one in its purest #physical #mental #spiritual way. It should be enjoyed, full of Fire and Water. To me sex is the ultimate source of connection. To be enjoyed, #cherished, #exploring and #experiencing each other. It’s #trust, it’s #passion, it’s #lust, it’s #desire, it’s #calming, it’s secrets are #seductive it’s tempting #temptation it can end wars, make children be #enjoyed, can even solve relationship problems. So me and sex have a special agreement! Because it’s #magical… #sex #sextalk #dmr BTW since #divorce I still have had #NoSex ⚖️🫶❤️‼️ #realtalk #nojoke 🧬 #sextime can be anytime but should always be done in a special place…. #momlife #dadlife #humans who am I to talk #lovetalk that’s definitely an area I can’t seem to keep but I do love her… loved them all lmfao 😂 tried my best truth be told @dmramsey IG dmramsey1 Twitter Surfman374 TikTok but hey I definitely acted up a few times said some shit I shouldn’t have #fyp I’m #human made mistakes sorry ♾️🪦ℹ️🤷‍♀️💁‍♂️🏴‍☠️‼️❤️🫶

Just say’n talk about sex just did definitely not being about sex these days it’s been singles Feb 2022 but it’s my right to express my thoughts about love sex and what Evers next I’m single sucks but is what it is
Think about sex?
Now that’s a fact!!! ⚓️⚖️♾️‼️ truth talk
Yes! Often I think about it! 🫶‼️❤️⚓️⚖️💁‍♂️♾️
🫶‼️❤️ I’m not perfect I’m an Empath I have feelings too !!! I’m Human we all have needs wants and dreams 🤙 definitely would love to know what true love is…

Hey Atleast I’m honest Real Talk and proud to say no pills 3.5+ years, no cannabis 2yrs, no alcohol 14+months only socially drank btw, and no hemp since Feb2022! No other drugs either! No Kratum, no Spice/K2, none of the things that would make me piss dirty! Yep I’m on probation 😑 means a drug patch on arm, and 3-4 UA’s a month till January 6th 2024! Long story on that shitshow but hey I’m alive! And Love VETCourt! 🇺🇸 GODBlessTEXAS Hey I’m divorced sucks but I’m sure the right woman will come along or maybe the last one who knows? Trust me if I could I would go back! My 3 year old deserves us both in her life! And all my kids love my ex wife! So that rocks either way in GODS Hands 🙌

Thank You Everyone
Truth BTW real talk

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