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God I just want my family back and nothing else! I served 20 years for America, Learned to walk again, and lost 120lbs and am sober!I have a but the money Company Owes us statement as per freedom of speech I defended that would be nice! I own 1/3 of Gator-Gripp Rack Systems! Was it worth it? Hell no! I would never partner with these men or anyone else again! This shitshow cost me my family! And I got locked up for 100days! You wonder why I called the cops the night before? Sad 😞 I speak truth! I never worked with cartel, got raided by game wardens, never made bombs, never sold out! Never stole a dime, never cheated, never touched an exwife unless it was out of love (adult stuff)! All I did was my best! For my family! And yours! You owe me that! GOD you see the truth! I never was in a militia either why on earth would I agree with hurting humans or my nation? Never! These words are my testimony truth and still this is under the watchful eye of the State of Texas because now I’m subject to wearing a drug patch! And getting piss tested 4x a month after a 100 days in jail and hosting prayer call everyday but one in Nueces County Jail! As fun as that was meeting the Bandidos Calaveras Hells Angels Gypsys Cyclones Mexican Mafia TS (Texas Syndicate) Tango Blast Raza United Latin Kings Aryan Brothers Peckerwoods Bloods Crips MS13 Aryan Circle Cambodian Boys Yakuza Triads Asian Pridez Dragon Boys Sinaloas Gulf Zetas IRA Irish Mafia was definitely an experience let me tell ya Well I’m definitely not corrupt or evil lmfao but let me tell ya the guys I was locked up would kill ya over a topRamen! It was really weird they all loved me and had my six heck two guys stole from me and let’s just say I got my shit back and the guys handled it heck even the corrections officers they told me I reminded them of Andy from the Shaw shank redemption so as much as locked up sucked it was definitely interesting being blessed by both sides I actually filed like 50 grievances on the facility and Corrections Officers not to mention the FEDS came in a Raided the shit out of it while I was locked up so it was definitely interesting I saw dudes get whacked stacked and dropped off the second floor in that place when evil wants to destroy it gets real up in there saw a lot of guys get permanently fucked up in there! I worked in the kitchen and that was hell rats and baby rats everywhere blood shit and piss on everything was nasty as fuck but we cleaned it up I pray for all who work in corrections facilities as for laundry that job sucked the blood shit and piss was in everything definitely an experience I will never forget not to mention some of the corrections officers were more corrupt than the inmates and gangster but hey that’s life Order & Chaos at it’s finest lmfao 🤣 so it was total chaos you could literally watch the demons jumping from person to person Lmfao 🤣 no shit! I saved all my grievances lmfao I have every one of them still as proof of how bad they treated us in there it was hell! So I never want to get the attention of the police again because that was hell! God Bless Police, Correction Officers, Judges, Attorneys, City, State, and Nationwide Leadership BTW I am proud of my country! Just wish my country would stand up for me, my family! This shitshow!

I just want them back I love you guys true Story I did my best to protect!

Ps be nice if Gator-Gripp Rack Systems US Patent for Clamping rack Patent (Patent # 10,035,468) would pay us the $30,000 plus they owe us! I worked my ass off from 2014 to date! Thanks for stealing our investment! My Time, All My Money! And ruining my name in the outdoor industry I loved as well as getting all my social media shutdown! Pro-Draw, Gator-Gripp , Gator-GrippHD , “PullSetGrip” true story we paid to have the original built I am a CoOwner & Chief Marketing Officer and they Stole all the racks and all our Money! Thanks Gator-Gripp Dot Com! Way to honor your word and the US patent/ Trademark! Which my names still on! So all I want is my Family and the Money them two took! Not me!

By the way I love Corpus Christi Texas! And it’s Police Department! Yeah I made a bad call but after what I lost! Being investigated for the crap I was anyone would have been pissed off! I didn’t even get to honor my word with my now may she rest in peace Most Amazing Mother InLaw I ever had! Because she invested in me! Because she believed in me! And I went hard from 2014 – 2020 when I was told (via text btw) I was a “silent partner” and then told to go hang my self by my CoPartners! In a Company I built! A Product I believed in as well! So this is my freedom of speech! This is why I called 911, CCPD, and the FEDS! Because two men stole everything from my family!

Freedom of Speech 🎤

True Story! I just want my wife and kids back and money owed! After serving 20 years for America my family deserves better than this! Made in America? More like Fucked over in America

It’s Funny how I was a CoOwner way Before the Guy in Top Image and Grew this Company Online until my social media accounts were taken and shutdown as well as work email I’m a CoOwner 1/3 Royalty I would Never do business with these two ever again that’s for damn sure! Y’all fucked me

Patent History

Patent number: 10035468
Type: Grant
Filed: Mar 27, 2017
Date of Patent: Jul 31, 2018
Patent Publication Number: 20170217379
Inventors: Thomas Mifsud (Auburn, WA), David Ramsey (Corpus Christi, TX), Brian Stenger (Big Horn, WY)
Primary Examiner: Peter Helvey
Application Number: 15/470,792

Other references

Oh Imagine That my Info is gone I’m still a CoOwner and Y’all owe me my Money! “Pull Set Gripp”?
Served my country 20 years 1998-2018 im 100% Disabled 100% Combat Related and get Fucked over from 2018 to Date! Hell I had to learn to walk again!
I don’t lie! I served 20 years for America
Even Got a GOLD Medal from WhiteHouse AFRASGOLDMEDAL
And you wonder why I called these numbers? Because I was getting extorted and death threats bribed and told to be silent!

Who made this information? Me #ProDraw #GatorGripp #gatorgripphd #gatorgrippnation #gatorgrippracksystems #gatorgripphdracksystem #gatorgrippicks #gatorgrippplugkit #gatorgripphdgunrack #PullSetGrip #PullSetGripp #CoOwnerLife #gatorgrippnation #gatorgripplife #ifitfitsitgripps #gatorgrippick #gatorgripphdatashow #gatorgrippswag #gatorgripphdgunrack #gatorgripphdshirt #dmr

Love is the Answer

GOD We need You to restore us; I ask You to restore us oh Lord and to help us find the way back to each other and to You again. I ask You to renew in me and in boyh of us, us a willing spirit. Help me to not point fingers or respond defensively. Teach me how to listen to ______________ and to really hear. Amen 🙏🏾 #DMR a it’s about doing what’s right! Leading with Integrity restoration regardless of the mistakes it about forgiveness truth honor respect devotion development dedication!

Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise” (Jeremiah 17:14). Dear God, Thank you for being a restorer of broken friendships, marriages, family divisions, and peers. We ask in your mighty name you put your hands on the above and make it right! amen

DMRAMSEY Surfman374 BMC Retired 98-18

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