Thank You GOD

Thank You GOD for all the blessings lessons and for my children. I don’t get to see them but I know where they are safe and that’s all that matters. ThankYou for always being beside me even when it’s seems there is no one else. You GOD have always been there. Love You GOD 🫶🫵

I was 300 Lbs

Age is a number our spirits eternal 🫶🫵‼️ I will be 44 on Dec 17th

Walk after 3 lumbar fusions, Cervical fusion, both shoulders rebuilt, both wrists, and right knee I walk and do cardio at my gym ño run for me…

Truly Appreciate You GOD
Definitely was hell loosing weight and staying on active duty

I was on 26 prescriptions when I retired in 2018, now it’s been 3.5 years no pills, 2 years no cannabis, 14 month no alcohol, 11 months no hemp… im sober so I stretch a lot do a ton of meditation and pray constantly

Definitely Thank GOD

I made a huge transformation gained 120lbs after all my surgeries heck in 2010 my first lumbar fusion I gained 80 lost that survived two medical boards retired 2018 but between 2015 -2018 had all the other surgeries above so yeah I either gave up or got after it

Lots of walking and healthy eating
Love ya GOD love ya Kids 🫶‼️🫵

And ya know what, I’m thankful for each of of my kids moms…. Because we got some awesome girls and a son! I’m proud of my big family… and all my friends who still love me 🫵🫶‼️❤️ love is the answer! Trust me I got a woman I love, but I’m still single, and not afraid to say I love her… she knows who she is ❤️ and love is the answer GOD says to love then dang it I’m showing love to everyone! Even if you screwed me over and took everything I’m still gonna show ya love ❤️ that’s more directed as some previous CoOwners lmfao 🤣 although I don’t think “family court” is ever even… but oh well I’m sober never hurt my kids moms and always did my best with what ever I committed too be it home work or life! I try my best and if that ain’t good enough for you y’all or anyone else we’ll then sorry I tried


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