Love Y’all

Free will is what separates us from angels and Jinn the choice is yours you have to live with the #karma so I choose LOVE and #Forgiveness #love Or you live in harmony understanding there’s always #positive and #negative It’s about your soul! Is it good or bad? You choose 24/7 – 365 when your good you’re always good! more precisely, about the nature of different spiritual or supernatural creatures. Most creatures can be assigned to angels, humans, devils, jinn or demons. Some beings are an exception and some beings were supposed to be created before them and might still interfere with human affairs in special occusations. God created Jinn as the interior of human being, the animal soul hidden from the senses. You choose wrong you pay the price #jinn #angels #humans #GOD #universe #interior

I know what I have free willed

I just know where here but a minute or blink of an eye..and I believe in an afterworld..and other realms..yes Harmony and Balance.and moderation and on and on ..and I believe in Eternity and where I WANT to be when I leave this word Heaven or Hell ….pray for God’s will not mine ..and CLARITY..do I want to burn in Hell for Eternity? Or be in what is called Heaven ..it’s a no brainier..I was a Seeker I went from different religions loved Hinduism and all there funky God’s got into Chanting etc..studied Judaism..went to the Buddhist loved it..what else ..oh Kundalini.. studied the Chakra system..I actually believe in that for my meditt and Healing …. Yogas great for healing blocked energy we store in our bodies..

And GOD Loves Me!

I pray for protection read scripture 🙏 and pray to do His will I think of ETERNITY when my feet hit the floor Be kind..but but all thru Scripture the. Word Be Bold..we must be Bold at times and Gentle at the same time ..and Humble..it’s a mixed bag ..but I never ..NEVER forget who MY LORD AND SAVIOR IS …NOT SOME HINDU GOD NOT SOME SIRY FAIRY WHAT THE FUCK EVER ..WHEN I ENDED UP IN jail FOR 4 MONTHS this year it was Jesus that came to me..and He brought me Peace..and the Strength to endure To this Day Standing firm and knowing is the Strength AMEN 🙏🏾

Master that Live Selfless in Love & Forgiveness Amen GOD Amen Jesus

Hey and also while I’m at it ..back in the day where my mentor was and is ..he GOD told me if your not having fun ..your doing something wrong .
I took that and ran ..sorta tied everything in ..do what you love ..be in the moment ..really listening to another person while they are speaking is the highest reguard you can give another ..then there’s SERVICE BEING THE HIGHEST VIRTURE IN THE LAND ..OH YES .. BECOMING SELFLESS AS THEY SAY

Love you God thank you 😊
My favorite day is today I get menudo or Pozole and then Sopes Be the PEACE you want to see in the world “As they say in New York “YOU LOOKIN AT ME??” 🫵🤙😎 🇮🇹 🇺🇸♾️

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