All I wanted to do was show ya how I did it to save myself family future

Today I want you to know You are loved 🥰 I love you ❤️😘 and I stand on that! We created life & love…. ❤️‍🩹🤙

David M. Ramsey
Definitely was for 1998-2018
You will never be as powerful as GOD! GOD created Heaven and Earth, Angels, Jinn, & Humans to Live in Harmony with all! We are all ONE! One GOD One Universal Power ♾️

I pray for peace love forgiveness and the GOD see’s this as my testimony so I can find peace in order and chaos I pray you all are forgiven and what’s been done wrong is made right 🙏🏾♾️🛟 Surfman374 USCG

I definitely love my kids and GOD and the one who made me this shirt it rocks miss ya Kenzie, Austin, Addy, Hadley, Lucky Pup DADLife
I actually went to film school got production certification to have my own show but after what I experienced ain’t worth it the Outdoor Industry didn’t show me love that’s for sure
Amen 🙏🏾
But social media only caused more problems Instagram

Prayer- And Declaration!Thank You for Your guidance and grace, which is always steadfast and true. I surrender all to you. I declare that I am a Redeemed Child of the Most High God and in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I pray, So Be It., Amen and Amen! Luke 1:37 – For nothing is impossible with God.

Big difference post surgery sober and 120lbs lighter

I hated myself and was a shitshow then my marriage suffered GatorGrippHD suffered rigsreefclassicspearfishing suffered SaltySoulTaxidermy suffer
Only place I might post is my blogs from here on I’m over social media…. From MySpace to about a week ago I think I created enough content Lmfao 🤣
I guess I did the best I could from GatorGripp on IG to Rigsreefclassicspearfishing & DMRamsey
Even Tiktok DMR #️⃣ stands for DavidMichaelRamsey BTW and NeverGiveUp my journey so I could heal Truth

I would think 13,100posts on Instagram would be enough lmfao 🤣 I’ve definitely reached millions of people online that’s for sure Definitely was fun being creative online but definitely caused more problems than did good tell ya that much

Facebook definitely screwed me over ironically why the feds investigated me lmfao 🤣 I know I have fed friends who told me
Real Talk Real Social Media
It’s funny my hashtag #DMR has 232.8m views lmfao 🤣 thanks TikTok
It’s funny I posted it on Instagram was first to use it and now everyone does lmfao 🤣 #dmr

215K posts with my initials DavidMichaelRamsey #DMR it’s why I created the DMR Hashtag #️⃣

GOD the way Maker

Proof you can go independent but unfortunately we see what happened because 5 federal investigators hit me up since I retired in 2018 Lmfao 🤣 hell of a way to get verified Now they all wanna know what I’m doing when I clear probation I’m like well I would love to own my own cannabis farm and dispensary for medical marijuana I grow amazing herb made all my own edibles and wrote two cook books about how it healed my weight my mind body and soul I also wrote a book on how it effected my subconscious vs consciousness using #HempGuideToHealthyEating as my hashtag #️⃣ Just to protect all my info and journey actually why I used social media so much since 2018 to work on my brain power and creativity because my head was fried after 26 prescriptions and 20 years military service and HEMP saved my Life Legal HEMP!!! Why I called it HempGuideToHealthyEating not Cannabis Guide To Healthy Eating which is another hashtag I created! I even created a sober version of this shitshow called #HighEnergyHealthyEating #highenergyhealthydrinks #highenergyhealthysnacks so here’s to being on Facebook since 2009. From MYSpace to these Blogs maybe 🤔 one day someone will love me. Let me see my kids. And stand beside me. I still LOVE her , LOVEGOD my family and friends but literally this cost me everything.

Amen music is so healing so Uniting
No Pills 3.5 years No Cannabis 2+ Years No Alcohol 14 Months NO Hemp since Feb/Mar 2022 ❤️‼️🙏🏾🤙
I’m not perfect just trying my best. And Thankfully GOD has my six

I Mr. Ramsey

believe that you (people who know who they are ) have been engaged in an active plan to defame me, by disabling all my social media

business accounts and spreading false and inflammatory statements that he was a “convicted

felon.” These outrageous, reckless, and false remarks damaged my reputation and directly caused

My life hell to include divorce and personal social media accounts to be closedby Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and

Snap Chat.

Trust me I did cyber security global war on terrorism, human trafficking, war on drugs, and search and rescue as well as port security 20 years for Department of Homeland Security USCG Rocked I’m Surfman374

Surf Rescue 🛟
To Hurricane Harvey
GOD • Family • Love ❤️
Boot Camp Hotel 153 1998
I served with honor from Alaska, Oregon, Washington, to Texas I am proud I served America 🇺🇸 1998-2018

I know how to run OPS I ran them from texas to the Caribbean Mexico Central America And South America but the day I retired it all ended in 2018 so I ain’t here to cause problems just pray I get my wife back and tell the world cannabis saved my life so what if I don’t drink or do pills so what if I meditate and workout Atleast I’m not angry and would never hurt you. Or anyone else

20 years got me more medal in my body than on my chest! 3 Lumbar Fusions, Both Shoulders Rebuilt, Right Knee, Both Wrists, Cervical Fusion. learned to walk again Twice! Lost 80lbs back in 2010 now 120 since retiring in 2018 survived 2 military med boards Retired BMCRamsey Surfman374 even survived 3 attempts at suicide while on active duty
Totally would do it again

So on top of the feds asking me about Capital Riots, drugs, human trafficking, cartel, wildlife, weapons and bombs, they also wanted to know what I was doing in corpus not to mention mafia Lmfao… I wasn’t about lying I had nothing to do with anything other than GatorGripp and them stealing all your moms money and me trying to protect it from two guys named T and B. Other CoOwners of GatorGripp Rack Systems we are all on Patent So trust me I’m not here to cause problems here to live my life get the money back show love to my exwife heck all of them for that matter and kids and retire

Last I checked I still was a CoOwner and started way before you did Thomas! I don’t lie!

Did you forget I’m Mr. Ramsey I owned and marketed certain

products under the tradename Gator-Gripp, that included certain intellectual property rights. Some

of the marketed products included Gator‐GrippHD, Gator‐Gripp / ProDraw, PSG Pull Set Grip,

and so forth. I Mr. Ramsey also was involved in the design and patenting of the original Gator-

Gripp Clamping Rack, as well as additional models of the Bow Gun Utility Rack System, Remote

Lock, Ride Pug Kit, packaging designs, clothing wear, and the trademark logo. In particular, a

patent was granted by the US Patent Trademark Office on July 31, 2018, with the no. 10035468

and a Document Identifier of US 20170217379

Gold Medal From WhiteHouse BTW

When it comes to true love ❤️ ❤️‼️ I don’t need a peace of paper to know I love you btw so now I’m sober and not crazy Atleast yall all know I ain’t a liar cheater thief hacker hater or troll just a dude trying to show his community he loves it run a spearfishing tournament do taxidermy as a hobby and shoot guns with his Exwife (I can dream) and kids… sorry babe if ya read this but if I don’t tell the world how I feel you and them will never will know or understand GOD Bless all my ex wives my children my friends and family you and yours ❤️‼️🤙♾️⬆️⚖️👀🏖️

My dreams should be able to come true as well I believe in GOD FAMILY LOVE & Forgiveness
You on Twitter? DMRAMSEY1
LinkedIn? I am
Tiktok me say hey world 🌎 peace be with you happy holidays y’all
Click to add me
I’m on YOUTube are you click to add me

My Family And Friends LIFE Ruined GOD I GIVE IT All to You! I have no more money, lost it all. Spent it all on my wives kids and dreams just to have it all ruined taken or Destroyed

GOD I give it all to you, you the destroyer of Satan! The Devil who deceived so many does not own my Soul! GOD Gave me LIGHT to shine! To shine on the woman in my life, my children , my tribe , my future! Anything I do GOD saw the Good Works from 100’s of 1000’s of Lives saved in 20 years Search and Rescue to free marketing growing a company a tournament and our dreams.

My dreams where lost I give it to you GOD
My hobby destroyed I give it to you GOD
My Tournament My wife and I created ruined I give it to you GOD

Lord, I kneel before You in humble submission and pray that in Your mercy and kindness You would help me to simply let go of all the fears and worries, problems and doubts, guilt and disappointments that seem to be filling my heart and mind so often, during the course of a day. Amen 🙏🏾

Amen 🙏🏾
Only took playing those songs above to make me cry with tears of Joy know GODS plan is the Only Plan, AMEN y’all thanks for reading my testimony ‼️❤️ written with love from CorpusChristi Tx on OSO Bay

Yep shaved my face btw because Tomorrow I get to go meet the VETCourt as per this contract I signed with texas so might as well look good doing it love y’all… on a positive note completed my required class, and all my community service hours a few weeks ago. Now I just have to attend VETCourt once a month meet probation officer monthly take like 2-4 pisstests a month and come January 8th 2024 I am a free man no criminal record never should have had one or been charged yes I made a mistake but that was my first time ever getting arrested and no I’m not a felon praise Jesus nor convicted thank GOD amen 🙏🏾 I’m glad I get this opportunity to show the world I’m actually sober wake up did my best and will do it again tomorrow! Here’s to NO Pills, No Drugs (was never on any) ño cannabis two plus years no alcohol way over a year 😉 no hemp since Feb/Mar here’s to serving my country with HONOR Integrity Devotion! Here to always doing the best for my woman, my children the past present and future’s future ❤️‼️ Here to You GOD and all the life blessings lessons trials and tribulations! Prayers for you if your suffering healing ❤️‍🩹 prayers for all who served or still are. Anxiety Depression Insomnia PTSD Suicide trust me no fun. Be strong friends and Family never give up love y’all

Here’s to my family our family GOD and being the best we can Love is The Answer

My time in jail definitely taught me a lot about life held prayer call like 99 of 100days and met all the “kingdoms”…. In the end for me it’s about GOD FAMILY LOVE and Forgiveness
Definitely learned the value of life and how much ever 1 top ramen can get ya.
Like I say Love is the answer
God Bless Y’all

Y’all are making this Christmas a blessed one love y’all so much thankyou C.A.R.E #Surfman374 #BMC #CARE #uscg 1998-2018 “thankyou so so much Merry Christmas to you all 🏖️ David Ramsey #dmramsey Instagram #dmramsey1 Twitter Surfman374 TikTok love love love yall Christmas isnt feeling alone thanks too for all yall Christmas 🎄 #corpuschristitexas

C.A.R.E Rocks On Facebook
Any Veteran For that Matter
Hats tell where ya been and where your going
“most important thing on earth family”…. GOD, Love, & Forgiveness
Every Day ❤️‼️🏖️🛟♾️😘

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