Never Give Up

I was a Big Boy back then

❤️💕❤️ trust me it suck’s anxiety depression insomnia ptsd throw in physical pain and feeling worthless definitely has it’s good days and bad days… I just wish more would open up about this it doesn’t show weakness it shows strength and healing because the only way to heal is with love and support I love you all of you who support this journey of mine because I love people who do the best they can no matter how hard and even if we fuck up stand strong make it right and try there best the next day and try harder no matter what amen to this !!! GOD bless and thanks for reading this post love ya DMR 🫶❤️‼️ what makes it better? Sobriety, Faith, Gratitude, Meditation, Physical Activity, eating better. Resting, being honest with everyone and doing everything you can to push away negativity. Yes it’s possible Yes it sucks! But #nevergiveup

We live in a world we should love and be in harmony with, I pray more people fall in love again, love them selves, and love each other. I pray for forgiveness, I pray for trust! I pray for nourishment, and health. I pray for my success and yours. GOD bless you all #DMRamsey #Surfman374

I served with honor 1998-2018 trust me never give up!

After 26 prescriptions on active duty (I’m now sober) 10 major surgeries, 3 attempts on active duty to end my own life I can say this! Do your best! Focus on you! And do what makes you happy! That’s what it takes daily! NeverGiveUp I’ve had to learn to walk again, rebuild my life 3 times, and have gone years not seeing my children! But still wake up make ño excuses and get after it again!

175lbs and Love it

BMC Ramsey Surfman374 USCG #love #success #health #people #gratitude

Walk and Push Up Push ON!

It’s amazing how Much Music a good 5 mile walk 120 push-ups (20-25 every mile)and sunshine can make ya feel better

Sober is fun because I feel way more mind control and way more powerful just say’n!

No pills 3.5 years
No alcohol 1+ year
No cannabis 2+ years
No Hemp since like March

I hurt like hell some days but hey sober definitely is awesome but after 3 lumbar fusions, cervical fusion, both shoulders rebuilt, right knee and both wrists I’m thankful I learned to walk again. No one ever said serving from 1998-2018 would be easy lmfao specially after what I did lmfao

God Bless Y’all


I feel sorry for people who are incapable of feeling the joy of helping others. Years ago we were all like family. Everybody looked out for one another. We need to go back to that. We have to do better at looking out for each other instead of breaking each other down. I’m going to make a bet, that out of my family and friends, less than 6 will take the time to put this on their wall.
😉Who Are My SIX❤️ #people #like


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