Love & Family

In order to heal the body, you must heal the soul …. So will you enjoy your life. LOVE one Another

Love you Niccole

I don’t care what happened I love her and miss my kids …. Life ain’t the same without love and family ❤️🫶‼️🙏🏾 GOD do ya hear me yet?

Life ain’t the same without Family Love and Forgiveness dad loves you Hadley

If I don’t show my kids what dad loves which is GOD, Family, Future then they will never see what life is really about. Forgiveness, Fun, and Faith! 🫶❤️‼️


Much Love and Happiness to you all

“Without you Kenzie , I would have no one to leave a legacy for” Blessings to you and yours
Without you Austin, and Addy I wouldn’t be who I am today, Blessings to you and yours
Without you I wouldn’t be the man I am, Blessings To you and Yours
Life is about GOD • Family • Love

To truly enjoy what you are you must understand where you were! To embrace thee now Love is the answer ♾️

Inside is Outside Love is real Love stories are true! I believe in faith🕺💃❤️🫶‼️ Happy LOVE I have Faith in my future to heal bless and protect prosperous success healing hearts I wish you all Love happiness and success

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