I feel like it is

Am I crazy for thinking we can still work out? In 43 years I’ve never loved someone more than this woman. I’m not afraid to say it. #love is from the heart ❤️ life ain’t perfect the past wasnt that’s for sure. But seriously ai love her and I’m thankful for what we went through together. I’m also thankful for everything she and her family did for my kids #gratitude #forgiveness #lovingportraits my two cents! #NeverGiveUp everyone deserves a #LoveStory IMO so I’m thankful what this one’s taught me! She taught me to chill, sounds crazy but seriously she helped me heal get sober and definitely wasn’t afraid to stand up to me! IMO to me a woman is special a woman kicks ass A woman is Love! But I’m a man what do I know… other than Atleast being respectful enough to stand for what I love! And say it. 🫶❤️‼️

I can’t wait to get back in the water best part was coming home and having fish frys
I love you ❤️
The white rabbit? That’s a good one I love “marketing” and creative people

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