family time love?

Less than 5X’s in 24 years! That’s how many “times” I’ve seen my family! Y’all wonder why I want my freedom to get the fuck out of here when I want too! 🖐🏻 …

From 1998-2011 got two see my Georgia Family 2 times! Thanks to the AirForce, and a Bad Ass Italian Irish Catholic Coastie Wedding! From 2011-2022 got to see my family (3 Times) thanks to a Texas Wedding and two trips home to see them with a new baby we are proud of! Remember that next time ya hug you auntie uncle mom dad brother and sister! Some of us had to serve a nation! Some of us still ain’t allowed to go home! Pretty Fucked up if ya ask me! Hell some us us can’t even see our kids! No wonder kids can’t stand parents! No wonder family violence is what it is! What’s wrong with america when a Son, Nephew, Brother, Dad can’t go home! Can’t see what he’s created!

Y’all wonder why I wanted to leave…. Simple I wanted to take my family to meet my family! LaSt I checked I got a daughter and ex wife here! What good is that when I can’t see them either! Like I said I have always loved the women who helped my create my kids! Because my kids matter! But so do I! DMRAMSEY Instagram DMRAMSEY1 Twitter Surfman374 TikTok David Ramsey LinkedIn

When’s this shit show gonna end so I can travel to and from and enjoy my life? When freedom actually sets ya free … I love people places and things! IM ONE with all that! Including my Creator! But I’m a Creator! And that should have never effected my future negative do I have a positivemindset positiveenergy positivevibe ? YEP a even when I express something negative it’s how I destroy embracing negativity… live in balance my advice that’s simple #familytime #familia #fam #family #love ? What’s it actually mean? What you loose? My #spirit says NO!

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