Not CorpusChristi Texas

I’m a Creator 🫶❤️‼️ Never Leave a Hero Alone! #NeverLeaveAHeroAlone never steal lie cheat or hate or try and destroy isn’t life supposed to be loving supportive and prosperous? Isn’t that the “American dream”?

I had to learn to walk again because serving my country 20 years! Got my self sober, learned to be creative, tried to enjoy my creations, from a panga, to taxidermy, Spearfishing Tournament to becoming active, I didn’t think it would cost me everything…. Not to mention a house my family another daughter all my money I spent I invested 2011-2022 has sucked in Texas specially since I retired in 2018!

Happiness is a Father who can actually go home!

“Unfortunately I have to remain patient till January 8th 2024, unless I’m set free from this program I agreed to with Texas. As much as jail , & probation shined light on “stuff” it could have all been prevented had others helped me, instead of judged me! The Truth they say will set you free, to me looks more like it destroyed me! Because no one stood up and protected my six”!

Trust me the day I retired April/May 2018 I didn’t want to come back to Corpus Christi Texas! My now ex wife did! The worse decision ever!to allow another human to take me where I never belonged! This city has turned me into a slave! Not by my choice, by the choice of others who violated the universal laws! My laws are peaceful! LOVE driven! My Creator! Gave me this! But humans destroyed it! From my wealth, to my creations! This city took everything from me! I couldn’t even call out for help without being arrested! I was lied to and told we would never get divorced! But I lost 8 years of investing! In a future that was never mine but hers! It’s sad what this city let happen! Because once again, this city cost me another wife! My child! My daughter! So from 2011 to date! Corpus has done nothing but destroy! Because as of today, I have nothing! No money, no children, no rack! No tournament, no taxidermy, no desire to support the hunting or fishing industry! No faith in this city! The city that destroyed me! I’m alive, I’m a Man, I’m a Father, I’m a Veteran! I learned to walk again! I learned nourishment! I learned to trust no one! I learned to #NeverLeaveAHeroAlone because what happened to me? I’m alone! I’m broke, I’ve lost everything I created! My children my investment, my time! My future will only become better when I am FREE! Free to create, love, enjoy! Free to express! Not be oppressed! Not be destroyed! Not be judged! I already served my nation! Now I just want to enjoy my nation!

DavidRamsey #DMR #Surfman374
From Gold Medal to what? Destruction by others!
Hurricane Harvey need my career!

I’m not an influencer or watcher! I’m a Creator who uses a iPhone on all his apps with a totally cracked screen trust me I can spell! But sometimes my phone autocorrects lMfao cracked screen problems (hahahaha) I even said that on a podcast I was on once how I used my iPhone still the same one btw but seriously so many people have destroyed my creations I have no faith in this city! I love texas but have zero faith in CorpusChristi Texas! Because what I created should have been protected loved nourished not destroyed! Taken or laughed at!

Unfortunately in this place, I’m not ever going to achieve my greatest work. Not because of my ability, but because of the energy light sound vibration in this place.

I might have mastered my universe I may be able to live sober I may be able to coexist in my body, mind, soul! But this place we call CorpusChristi Texas doesn’t support me. I will never achieve my ultimate goal here. LOVE existed but was lost. Positive & Negative live in harmony as magneto as it is 🧲 but is it attractive to what is physically around it. This place serves me well as a place to grow heal and learn hard lessons to not trust anyone or learn that love doesn’t seem to actually exist, but truth be told I miss fresh water it doesn’t have the fresh water I need. The mountains 🏔 I love the inner earth realm I miss like caves and hiking trails. You see in order for me to shine I must have what I love.

It’s simple, rivers, lakes, mountains, caves. Because this beat that vibe represents me. The vibration the polarization! I Am who I am. I fear no man. I fear no element, I fear no living creature. I fear no spirit. My mind body soul is best in places that offer me all degrees I need. All vitamins and minerals I need. I’m a slave here! I’m trapped here. My success will never come here because I’ve lost my freedom lost rigsreefclassicspearfishing, my panga, my taxidermy dreams, my wife my daughters, heck even my second wife for that matter thanks “Hooks”. I’m not able to speak about it. What ya gonna take my freedom of speech next? I’m not able to be about it. The left the right. Above below, inside out side. The Devine divine. The rise and fall of the tides. The sun and moon. The sounds inside the sounds outside. In order for me to achieve greater greatness with greater forces energy mind and matter creatures people places the manipulation of my manifestation has been halted it will be fully achieved when I am set free. Here’s a few places I feel more balanced, austin texas , del rio texas. But as for Corpus Christi texas…. NOPE 👎 she definitely cost me everything! Obviously because I actually called out for help!

There’s nothing but risk here with nothing to gain. One must except where they are and how it served them, serves them, and will serve them. In order to produce the fruits you must be nourished, it’s been nothing but harvest here. It’s why I lost my physical position, what I owned, what I created. Be it through helping others, or through others helping them selves. You see when your chained down, you will never fully shine! As a positive Empath I welcome negative influence but as a master of my knowledge my body my mind.

Let’s be real, I lost my kids , time, my dreams here! My boat, my passion, what I love! This is slavery, destruction, this isn’t respecting the universe laws! This is enforced parental alienation! This is lawlessness! This is theft! This is cheating! This is what destroyed me! Liars cheaters sinners haters! I’m a loving man! Who actually still loves the mothers of his children! Be it with them or not! I still respect the life we created! I also respect what I created! But to loose it all! That’s not balance that’s destruction from others! I earned my rights and have lost them all!
I’m a Hero

I will never fully shine. The truth will always set you free. You see eventually negative be aimed positive and positive will attract that. But if negative is constantly negative than the path you will be forced down is negative. In order to live in harmony with mind body soul you must be in the best garden. One that gives you nourishment so you can give fruit to others. After 20 years saving lives, the last 4 has proven one simple thing, this place is not my space! My space is one that loves and supports me… not destroys me. ‼️❤️🫶🏔🌎🌵🌙☀️💧🔥🪵🪐😇 #dmr #surfman374

In order to over come, you must #NeverGiveUp and #neverleavehomewithoutit #neverforget #loveistheanswer #freedom #forgiveness #healing

I earned my freedom!
As you can see!
But hey that’s the last time I try to get help! True story! That really happened!!! I made the phone calls then yep sorry didn’t stop after I tried to physically get the cops to follow me home! And bam my life got really destroyed more

I served Americans and America to protect freedom! Can’t wait for mine! Set freedom FREE! The soul must be set free!The body must be set free! I don’t care what y’all do, I’m just trying to live my best life! and enjoy what I created, and LOST 😞 🫶‼️

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