SAY YES & NeverLeaveAHeroAlone 🧬


live #love #listen #speak BravoZulu from #Surfman374 #Ramsey Team ❤️🫶‼️❤️⚖️😎☝🏻🙏🏾🏴‍☠️🧜‍♂️🪶🌱🌎🎁🛟⬆️👀🆙👻 ☕️😉😉 Love ❤️ s the Answer find that be that! #neverleaveaheroalone #DMR #ClashOfTheTitans love in harmony #LoveIsTheAnswer do what you love live life enjoy grow and shine #god #gods #humams #angels #jinn #corpuschristitexas

Trust me I lost my panga, my guns, my desire to hunt and fish, provide for my family, my love for the outdoor industry, my passion for plant based healing, but I never lost my faith! GOD seeing everything everyone has saved me! I am who I am! It is what it is! My creator saved me! My journey has always been one based on love! But it came with a price… from Afrasgoldmedal at Whitehouse chesterrbender award in san Fransisco state coast guardsman of the year Washington to zero since I retired from 2018 to date was hell fire! But i never gave up! On love my children my hope! I’m grateful and am blessed. Surfman374 1998-2018

Least action and time is what helps you go from what you are now to who you are! Who you desire to be is who you really are! You can echo this or you can become this! Others can copy this, some create this! Committed to relationship, observing the flaws you have and correct those! Learn yourself learn who supports that! Walk away from what doesn’t! Facts in imagination become reality if you desire it and bless that! Forever released you no one greater the person you are! Break the chains!become you! Be loyal be love live in harmony!

Truth sets you free cause and effect is real time! True and accurate thinking patterns change because of yesterday’s trials and tribulations when you have the revelations you discover the opportunity to become more! Growth started in dark places enjoy the long gut of new spaces… real time!

The inner world ISREAL the out world as real as it seems can be changed!!! Change starts within! All will see this and enjoy it evolve in love! Never give up! Respect the body the language listen and enjoy you and others believe great wonders are possible and employ physical and mental power! Love is the answer refraction and reflection staying sober strong and pure!

Break The Curse

To truly destroy evil and change save your life you must change Inside and reflect that outside! Mind over matter constantly evolving because that’s what elevation is!

True change comes from within! Love that and you love and live better outside! 🫶❤️‼️🌱🧜‍♂️🇺🇸⚖️🛟🌎🏴‍☠️ to me the pirate flag represents inside the dark world in you! Shine light on that and you will survive you can survive! But if darkness takes over you will struggle longer!


Surfman374 #DMR

I post about what I do, been through, what it cost me, how I have suffered, what I do now, how I feel about it, because I’ve been there, #nevergiveup #activeduty #veterans Never Give Up! I’ve lost #Family #friends #myCompany #mydreams #mycompasscourse but I never gave up! I gained 200lbs of extra fat, lost 220lbs in total! Had #surgeries #divorced 3 times, haven’t seen #mykids in years but nevertheless never give up!

Focus on you, connect to what you love! Create that! Enjoy that! Heal from that! No this! #IPost #IShare #ICare #ILoveYou Brothers & Sisters! If I could hug you all I would! If I could talk to you all I would! #HOPE Floats #Faith Lasts forever! #Surfman374 #DMR #BMC 1998-2018 my posts are to raise the flag! #OldGlory in saying no to family violence 🎵 no to addiction no to pain struggle hate rumors disrespectful people!

Believe in your creative creations

Thieves Liars Cheaters Haters! And Yes to LOVE! #LoveIsTheAnswer NeverGiveUp BravoZulu say no to the devil say not to suicide trust me! 3 times I tried! That’s three times I’m glad I wasn’t successful 🇺🇸 you see I was broken I lost my inside because of so much conflict outside! Never give up on truth and loyalty! Become you must start by believing in you! Once you live child like what is flow! You become what you truly are! Sound and light! Ancient and new….

🧜‍♂️ BravoZulu Brothers & Sisters 🇺🇸 Instagram?

Amen I Salute You! With every thing I create

Trust me!

Trust me, My journey Cost me my family, company, Tournament, “Panga” & Dreams I will return to the water Spearfishing is what I love GOD and hunting fish

Wish I could take my kid to the pumpkin patch 😢 or go tricker treating…. Holidays suck without your kids … hell I didn’t even get to go to a birthday party really looking forward to thanksgiving and Christmas NOT! Divorced life sucks

I trust ONE GOD !!! Love your Children Love your Family do what you love
I HAVE YOUR SIX GOD HAS YOUR SIX Team America ❤️‼️🇺🇸🫶🌱🧜‍♂️🏴‍☠️🛟🤣🧬☕️⬆️🌎😉🪶🙏🏾⚖️🤤🥘🆙👻😎👀🎵🎁🫕🎃 Instagram
No matter How hard, Never Give Up! TikTok? Click picture probably my last one ☝🏻

Wanna dive deeper? Read all my blogs I’m just putting raw thoughts out to help me stay alive ! Be it imAgination be it the creator in me be it a higher power everything I’ve done online is and will always be to become better! Survival is that to me! Something more should focus on! The truth will set you free!

Be LOVE! Love is the answer 🫶‼️❤️

I believe the Torah, Bible & Quran, all the ancient texts are pretty much “cliff notes”! At some point in time we were created by a creator. If todays teachings say 6-7000 yrs “let’s just use those numbers but science or ancient evidence says 250,000-1.5million, what if we are. At the end of the day, we all use the same time, same sun, same water, same elements to find todays evolution. As humans we should take care of this earth… I have read many books researched so much since I was a child when I visited the Natural History museum natural history New York City and many museums in Washington DC nation wide for that matter now 43 years later I see life as subconscious vs conscious real world vs spiritual world. I know my DNA is much older than 50,000 yrs as per my results. I also know my original haplogroup came from africa 275,000 yrs ago haplogroup both male and female came from Africa then moved to Middle East and then European regions finally landing in America #BMCRamsey #Surfman374 #dmr

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I also have read the “Gods” created us much differently than the churches are fully illuminating us too unless your me who’s been taught by the wise ones in the Mesopotamian creation-flood stories “the gods” created the humans race as slaves whose task it was to manage the universe for them giving them food clothing and honor in temple ceremonies. In an unforeseen development however the human race grew so numerous and noisy that the gods could not sleep. Deeply angered the gods decided to destroy the race by a universal flood . One man and his family however secretly warned of the flood by his patron god built a boat and survived. Soon regretting their impetuous decisions, the gods created a revised version of human kind the new race was created mortal so they would never again grow numerous and bother the gods iMO what you say in your video supports what I’m writing because before the flood we humans lived way longer supporting this kings list you speak of…

as we connect 🧬 and old finding often hidden by the churches and nations we will continue to understand past present future as this is all the now because is one god saved humans that’s the god of love and that god I love! A Creator Made is to live to love to grow to create more life… not destroy life

Be the king & Be the Queen! Work together love together…. Team Work is the Dream work of success based on many lessons don’t let others destroy your dreams
Surfman374 Afrasgoldmedal WhiteHouse
Love your creator and your creations
Shine light inside
Have fun be creative 😉 just say’n dinosaurs were real! Antediluvians where real again bro bold be creative 🫶‼️❤️🧜‍♂️🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🌎🪶⚖️🙏🏾 enjoy life
“Start today! Enjoy the journey”
What others have seen , some still protect!
Because it cost me everything I had !

It cost me everything I had… to many people judged me. So fuck it I’m done I deserve way better than what this past life took from me. To come as far as I have at the price of loosing it all social media didn’t do a damn thing for me. I had to do it on my own with faith in my GOD to be honest 🫶‼️❤️

Spearfishing is what I love

It’s like a light you want fixed! Till you or others fix the problem social media will never replace the light of real world!

And fresh air what I enjoy
Never Give Up
Rise up Heroes
GOD see’s everything
Never Forget those before us
I’m a Chief
BMCRAMSEY 1998-2018
I Salute You Old Glory because We stood the watch proudly together 🇺🇸‼️❤️🫶 One Nation Under GOD Freedom Ain’t Free some gave All, all gave Some remember that!

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