Music & MomLife

momlife & #music @caitlynnecurtis crushing both! BravoZulu from #dmr I absolutely love her music and momlife jonah rocks! As an artist and creator who loves music this makes me think about #dadlife because you maam are crishing MomLife! Ma’am and crushing 🤣 spelling issues when it’s a cracked iPhone screen I do everything via cellphone uncut raw sending it! TikTok Surfman374 and her name above both on TikTok below is Instagram and YouTube

DMRamsey Instagram Surfman374 TikTok
👇🏼 Click Link Below ⬇️
Awesome Song 🎵

“When You Were Mine”, Awesome Classic her Vibe is Beautiful Elegant Elegance…”

“It’s your money … make it spend it save it share it but never ever run out of it ….trust me I’m sure ya know but broke sucks”!

“Some people say I post to much, so I posted this”….

‼️🫶❤️ #people #postit #shareit #createimpact #posttruth #love #dmr

Have y’all heard Caitlynne Curtis new song? Awesome song… she rocks @caitlynnecurtis_ I can’t wait for the next one ‼️🫶❤️ #caitlynnecurtis #music #momlife #jonah true game changer in the world of music and moms!!! Instagram 🌹

My favorite singer and mom son combo @caitlynnecurtis_ & Jonah absolutely love these two!!! Just a perfect example of a Mom Crushing the Music Industry and Raising Her son! #bravozulu to you two!!! 🫶‼️❤️🇺🇸 her music changed my life! BTW thank you ma’am Surfman374 TikTok DMRamsey1 Twitter I created this with total respect and love to her as a woman, Mom, Music Master! Nope not a professional writer but do my best I believe in shining light on beautiful people! When I hit bottom it was her music on TikTok and YouTube that made my day brighter she sings so much truth …. You rock Caitlynne you and Jonah are awesome! #MOMLife is better because women like you


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