My Trails & Tribulations

I Pray, and Trust you alone GOD! MY GOD is LOVE, my GOD is my best friend, MY GOD aid my creator of Truth!

Lmfao I still need confirmation in the church I’m confirmed but real world love at it all! Humans have turned completely against me! But had GOD? NOPE! I’m alive today because GOD, I’ve lost it all because humans…

Elephant 🐘

My wife , my kids, BlacknBluePaintball, GatorGripp, rigsreefclassicspearfishing, SaltySoulTaxidermy, SaltySoulSpearfishing, SaltySoulPanga, HempGuideToHealthyEating, HighEnergyHealthyEating, heck even Hurricane Harvey made me end my Coast Guard Career as Surfman374, for what being a man of GOD? Talking about love forgiveness sacrifice learning to walk again and sobriety Suicide prevention, saving lives, all human lives matter, heck even police lives matter! Just like government lives and cities stations and all nations! Heck in 2011 I had to file bankruptcy because the government gave me two weeks to transfer lost my house my car, all my money thanks to military transfer! So I’ve been through hell! Now I invest, have a credit score over 790-820 range and have been investing since 2002! Why I wanna leave a Legacy! But I should be able to enjoy life for all my sacrifice is real and has been from north to today my life’s been hell! But GOD I Trust GOd! GOD saved me! I o ow GOD will fix all this and more! Even Job lost it all to the Devil! I’m not giving up hope on my god I have faith and gratitude! I trust my creator! By the way I’m gonna be 44 this year! That’s 44 years of getting tested by the Devil and Loosing it all But my Faith in GOD!

Lost all my family, friends, and money thinking social media would help me help others… I’m over it

DMRAMSEY Instagram DMRAMSEY1 Twitter Surfman374 TikTok Ramroadious YouTube #DMR that’s my initial’s DavidMRamsey

Hey world all I’m gonna say is I served 20 years, 1998-2018 sacrificing my entire life. And from the day I retired 2018 till now it was a struggle through hell to become sober. I never ever hurt niccole my now exwife I hate divorce or any of my ex’s or children. Yes I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD never a drug addict never alcohol dependent. Yes I tried to end my life 3 times on active duty. Twice because my first two wives cheated on me then final attempt and last BTW was night before retirement. I’ve been through hell am actually a hero had 30,000 rescues and got very awarded for it all. To include the gold medal at Whitehouse. Having been through all that. And having to learn to walk again twice , loosing a total of 80+ Lbs then years later 120lbs now is what I’ve lost then since 2018 3.5yrs no pills, 2+ years no cannabis, 1+ yr no alcohol, 9 months no hemp. It’s been hell to include loosing my position in company and then them stealing it all from me. Gator-Gripp now called Pull Set Grip BTW. Including the money they owed Judy Rest In Peace I love you mom over two years ago. It was hell loosing rigsreefclassicspearfishing, was hell being accused of running dope and humans with my panga, (never did that) hell being accused of selling drugs (never did that) hell being accused of being a poacher taxidermist. (Never did that) Hell being accused of being in a militia , or arms manufacturer, (never did that) hell someone even accused me of being part of capital riots. (Never did that) Honestly world! Then not to mention extortion and bribery! All for what? Being a hobby taxidermist, sober, running a tournament I gave all money to nonprofits we raised, and honestly trying my best to be a awesome husband and father. Spent from 2018-2022 taking care of the house! I did all the work just to loose my wife and hadley this year! In divorce! Come on world! I’m even a disciple for the church actually sanctioned by the Catholic Church to disciple! And blessed by the Muslims , as well as life member to the Native American Church. All I’m saying is I wish niccole who I love would give me another chance because I love her my life feels empty without her! Yes my spiritual life is with GOD! After 20 years I’m thankful I learned to walk again twice but this should not have cost me my wife I hope you understand that raising a family sober is all I want… I missed way to much of mckenzies life she was born in 2001, Austin’s life 2004, Addyson’s Life 2009, now hadleys life 2019. Just sucks world! Sober and familytime is literally what I told niccole at my retirement ceremony… It just sucks because I still love and miss Judy, and definitely love and respect Kevin and Jodi. My ex father InLaw and mother InLaw. They all did more for me and my kids than my own parents ever have I’m also what the government calls a Positive Empath. The only problem with that is if properly triggered I will get upset defending my family. Which is all I ever did specifically in last 8 years with niccole! I knew my company was gonna steal it from me! And tried to protect the money the family invested then literally having to sell my dream boat because I do not work with cartel was heart breaking! Having to end taxidermy after being raided by a full 6 man tactical team was embarrassing! Then to be accused of capital riots when I actually got a gold medal at White House was down right wrong! Baker Acted twice was embarrassing Not to mention my dna results came back a few weeks ago I’m a half breed. Antideluvian and modern human. Meaning my DNA is pre flood! No shit!!! I have scientific evidence now to prove my thoughts have all been GOD sent my divine connection is real world! Put that on my soul. It’s true! My connection to this world and spirit world is 100% real! This is all truth all of what I have put online ! Heck even the illumination I’ve had the last 4 years was sanctioned by the Catholics and Islam. I’ve been verified by the government and church! Not to mention free masons. And being Italian as well as Native American makes it even deeper it’s just sad what I’ve lost as an American hero With 30,000 lives saved from 1998-2018 my team worked hard to save lives from alaska my north state to Oregon, Washington, and texas when will mine be I’m not talking about GOD saving me my GOD is my best friend! I’m talking about humans giving me back what was taken righting what’s been wronged Sorry but being part of the Brotherhood of Light, Sons of GOD has cost me everything I love! My wife time listed above with children my company Tournament and love for hunting and fishing spearfishing and being a man! Not to mention most of my family and friends all turned against me and all Niccoles family and friends down here and outside of texas. Am I stronger for all this? YES but lonely as fuck! Why am I saying all this because it was all true! I just was trying to protect my house, my family, my future.

As For Freedom of Religious Belief IMO

#Ability • #Motivation• #Attitude 🏴‍☠️ remember #NeverGiveUp 🇺🇸🫶❤️‼️⚖️✔️🌵🌎💧☀️🌚🛟🧜‍♂️⚓️🎶 #SonsOfGOD #BROTHERHOODOFLIGHT yeah so what if I read both books #Bible #Islam Atleast my #Wisdom grows and I don’t hate or judge! Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. (KJV, Job 1:6) In Islam, #Jesus ( #Arabic: عِيسَى ٱبْنُ مَرْيَمَ, romanized: ʿĪsā ibn #Maryam, lit. ‘Isa, son of Maryam’) is believed to be the penultimate #prophet and messenger of God (#Allah) and the #Messiah. #Ishmael was the first son of #Abraham, the common #patriarch of the #Abrahamicreligions; and is considered as a prophet in Islam. His mother was the Egyptian #Hagar (Genesis 16:3). #Genesis163 IMO #GODISONE #ONEGOD I worship #ONEGOD and nothing else the #CreatorOfHeavenAndEarth #Angels, #JINN , and #Humans end of my story! Recommend #soberlife #dadlife #momlife I’m a positive person living in a negative world! So I choose good over even and ask my creator for forgiveness of my SINS!

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