My story is real ⚖️❤️‍🩹💡🛗

Amen amen amen 🙏🏾

As if 20 years military wasn’t enough of a selfless sacrifice, 1998-2018 from LORAN in Nome Alaska, the Surf rescues in Oregon and Washington , to ensuring Texas was Ready for Operations, & Hurricane Harvey saving 100’s of 1000’s of lives! Loosing my family, my dreams , my boat, my house, and my company followed with making me a silent partner 2020 loosing my tournament ugh! And then getting Baker acted two years in a Row from 2018 to date I lost it all but I’m sober and have GOD. Now stuck in Texas with VETCourt yeah but the truth will set me free GOD is GOOD, and so is SoberLife ⚓️

Definitely lost time with my kids I pray they love and forgive me
This woman saved my heart and soul in 2020

2019 NoPills
2020 NoCannabis lost #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing, #GatorGripp, #GatorGrippHD yep went from CoOwner /Chief Marketing Officer to Silent partner via text message lost all access to emails, social media, and removed from website so I purchased my dream boat a 25’ Lancha a Panga thought Spearfishing’s gonna rock again! Then Got Baker Acted a week after returning from a cool west coast adventure where I got to give my mom flowers see the austin and addyson hang out on the C4Ranch in eastern Oregon do the cattle life thing for a few weeks in the painted hills hit up so many Native American tribes it was so awesome but baker acted by family a week after I’m back in texas come to find out I just still have Anxiety Depression Insomnia PTSD no drugs addictions and or alcohol addiction and a divorce was filed while I was in the hospital ugh 😑 sucks because I was told we would never get divorced when I got out after a week. Never hurt my wife or daughter by the way! Sold my panga because I was accused of running drugs and humans

I lost it ! Made a silent partner via text click picture for great song

2021 NoAlcohol lost #SaltySoulTaxidermy got baker acted again! and investigated for Capital Riots Lmfao 🤣 I’m not in a militia ! What’s better? Get raided by the Texas Game Wardens who were rocking full tactical gear BTW and looking like my team guys who are in full tactical gear! As well as got to show them the Gator-GrippHD 😉 so by this time I’ve been accused of IRS shit with a company that wasn’t mine, had agent show up, accused of working for cartel, so sold my panga because , being a black market Taxidermist is what I heard after the wardens left me with a warning citation for doing hobby Taxidermy , had an officer show up and apologize for wrong use of force an no cuff keys BTW thanks CCPD! As well as tell me with the texas mental health rep cannabis actually heals in my own house!

That was a dream and hobby btw true song!

But I said don’t worry I only use CBD Now lmfao 🤣 true story! I got a few years worth of bank state I can show we’re I paid for it from local shops. Then it gets worse, I get asked if I’m a arms manufacturer lmfao NOPE I just love my guns !!! So let’s see militia and arms manufacturing , cartel and militia! Illegal taxidermy , and charters lmfao 🤣 nope don’t run charters with panga we all split Gass and ice that was it!
2022 Wife leaves for a month with daughter neighbor tells me she’s on vacation I’m like wtf! Then she finally shows up with a Letter a bad one! Then I got get some CBD and come home to one from her mom, Rest In Peace gigi say’n ing I have 30 days to get out! I’m like wtf! That night stuff didn’t make since, and I’m missing hemp and money so I called 911 got laughed at by the operator, CCPD, told me I was crazy, and FBI didn’t like me reporting all the above! Btw I was sober when I made this call, so woke up next day to empty bank account! Freaked out because a window was left open and shit got stolen when I was sleeping!

I would never trust them again!!!

So yeah I fucked up threw her clothing in front yard, looking for my hemp and money, chased down a cop car freaking out and had them follow me home! Next time I will stop! Because that got me 100 days in county jail and now in a probation program thank god for VETCourt till January 8th 2024. Oh yeah find out gator gripp got a name change and sold its now PullSetGrip so I got really fucked over there, Btw IM sober!!! No pills no alcohol, no cannabis, no hemp, no Kratum, to spice, no k2, no What Does 8-Panel Drug Test Mean? An 8-panel drug test is a standard drug screen procedure that entails the collection of a urine specimen to analyze for drug metabolites including no amphetamines, no barbiturates, no benzodiazepines, no cocaine, no marijuana, no methamphetamines, no opiates, and no phencyclidine (PCP).

I miss my panga

NoCBD/ Hemp #PullSetGrip


In my opinion always use #oneUpOneDown and #NeverDiveAlone you’ll die alone #swb #shallowwaterblackoutprevention #shallowwaterblackoutawareness I’ve experienced blackouts, sambas and been bent twice it happens to the best of us! Heck I shot a #RigDonkey that dragged my ass down below 320’ and lost my air down there thanks to a calm head I swamp up to 140’ slowly exhausting and exhaling and my dive buddy who was on his way up gave me his backup air we were like 150-200miles offshore was a heck of a boat ride in and the following 7 days I spent in and out #NavyTable6 #decompressionchamber 6 days 6hrs or more a day till I felt better I’m pretty sure I died a few times underwater because #mermaids are real lmfao 🤣 I have seen them, heck I saw something that looked like it was from #theabyss real #atlantians #atlantisisrealdownthere #spearfishingtipsandtricks @dmramsey #Surfman374 #rigsreefclassicspearfishing


SoberLife cost me everything… and been accused of everything by the way! I would love to meet the person responsible for all the accusing because I didn’t do anything but try and get help in the end and I’m getting smokes!


GOD, Love & Forgiveness ❤️‼️⚖️🙏🏾🫶 #dmr #surfman374 #ChesterRBenderAward #AFRASGoldMedal

Mahi Mahi
I really did make the phone calls because all I was doing was trying to tell the truth and write two books one called Words of Wisdom the other #HempGuideToHealthyEating !


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference, living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; taking this world as it is and not as I would have it; trusting that You will make all things right if I surrender to Your will; so that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with You forever in the next. God help me to weave a tapestry of love and not hate in my children, a spirit of tolerance and caring, and a dedication to freedom for all and not just some. God help me to sow seeds of peace and justice in my children’s hearts today. Amen.

I need everyone to #pray for me…
Because I have lost everything I ever had… #Surfman374 #Prayforme please #dmr #life is a #journey definitely not a competition I’m a #positivevibes guy #positiveempathy #positiveempath @vindiesel @dmramsey
Click my link in bio ya want the truth my side of the story… boy if that wouldn’t make an epic #movie


GOD praying the loss of all this wasn’t for nothing

He lost his health, wealth, and children. His friends accused him and called into question his faith in God. Job’s wife tried to persuade him to turn from the Lord when she said, “Curse God and die!” Job replied: “Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity” (Job 2:10).

When all alone what do I do? I walk, focus on meditation, talk to GOD. Todays a perfect example got up at 2am and as soon as 6am hit went after it for 8+ miles

The moon was bright this morning
The sunrise was beautiful at the T-Heads
Different focus
Absolutely Beautiful 😍 place to walk
The Hill is gentle next to Emerald Beach Hotel and Hospital My goal was American Bank Center to Victims Memorial south of ColePark “monument for Victims”
I made it 😉
Beautiful Place to sit and view read but please be respectful
Wear good shoes, consider bringing water, there’s restrooms at cole park and near the Theads down town it’s a great hike imo about 1hr15min each way I added an extra mile to my journey as I parked and walked both ways lots to see and read on this journey
The Metals on my Chest are nothing compared to 3 Lumbar Fusions, (fully fused now), Cervical Fusion (still have compressed disc and fractured C7) both shoulders rebuilt, both wrists, and right knee. Not to mention Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD thank God I wasn’t successful at ending my life because two divorced me and I felt worthless the night before I retired with 20 years service. True story I tried to end my life after they cheated on me.
Chester R. Bender Award, AFRAS Gold MEDAL Washington DC, Surfman374 USCG BMC Chief/E7

TRUE STORY “Never Be afraid of the Truth”! Never Give Up, Conflict comes and goes because truth will set you free! What is the purpose of life, if you don’t tell seek or speak the truth. I have Faith in the Truth! I know GOD see’s all. I’m willing to post this because I’m about it, and this is how I talk about it! My Testimony, Trials, Tribulation’s. Will give me Salvation Freedom I Believe because I’m staking my Life on this! This ISREAL ! LIFE!

I even changed my TikTok Name from TexasHempChef to Surfman374 “My True Story”, 🛟⚓️🫶‼️🇺🇸♐️🧜‍♂️🎶
thestruggleisreal #surfman374 #dmr #TrueLifeStory #sacrifice #life what helped me? @pandora @caitlynnecurtis_ channel I was silent the first 4miles, but the last half I need love vibration and healing so I plugged and and let me tell ya listening to the voice of an Angel gets me going further, longer, harder… I’m not living in #ego I’m an #Empath I listen to her because she to is strength a woman who can not only sing but respect when it comes to #momlife she to me is the standard her and Jonah ROCK! I pray one day I can represent #DadLife to me life should be #meaningful #BOLD and #real #Social yes is this #mainstreammedia sure why not… #postit #freedomofspeechisahumanright #freedomofspeech #listenup #music #soundtherapy #lighttherapy #freshair #freedomofreligion #faith #Hope #gratitude this is just me showing her love and say’n thanks for all she creates thank you Caitlynne
Why did I change my name? I got tired of being ProCannabis and getting blocked and sensory I lost my DMRamsey, GatorGripp, RigsReefSClassic TikTok Accounts, GatorGrippHD, GatorGripp Instagram Accounts GatorGrippRackSystems GatorGripp FacebookPages that’s 9 years of social media taken from me!
I loved my Spearfishing Tournament

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