Magic Cheese

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I make my own have been for 24+ years #cheesemold #agedcheeseisthebest and #goodforyou #imo

  1. Improves calcium absorption
  2. Reduces the negative effects of ultraviolet rays
  3. Enriches the body with proteins
  4. Prevents dysbiosis and fermentation in the intestines
  5. Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system
  6. Improves hormones and relieves stress
  7. Accelerates wound healing

highenergyhealthysnacks #highenergyhealthyeating

Yes, it is a Penicillium mold that produces the antibiotic penicillin…but not the same one. The antibiotic is made from Penicillium chrysogenum; the cheeses are made with #Penicillium #roqueforti, Penicillium #camemberti, and Penicillium #glaucum #CheeseTalk @dmramsey #dmr #SpookySpellsMagicCookBook #MyCraftisCooking #creative stuff that’s good for ya #youcancursemelater #warlockworknghere

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